This list shows all of the riders who have an IDF number, active and inactive. Click a flag to see all members with that nationality. For some detailed stats click here.

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Name IDF # Nationality Category
Hussain Nas 5199 NO NO Skateboard
Hyeong Bae Na 3272 KR KR Skateboard
HyonYi Kim 4461 KR KR Skateboard
Iago Freitas 4708 BR BR Skateboard
Ian Anderson 655 US US Skateboard
Ian Ashby 5016 US US Skateboard
Ian Kemp 5191 AU AU Luge
Ian Marthinus 953 CA CA Skateboard
Ian McLendon 5384 US US Luge
Ignacio Ugarteche 1535 PE PE Skateboard
Ignacy Świątkowski 4540 PL PL Luge
Iker Arrizabalaga 1272 ES ES Skateboard
Ingmar Solissa 3463 NL NL Skateboard
Ingo Halbeisen 83 AT AT Industry
Irvin Alexis Alvarez Flores 2152 MX MX Skateboard
Isaac Centeno Quesada 1486 CR CR Skateboard
Isaac Zhodzishsky 5435 US US Skateboard
Ishtar Bäcklund 620 SE SE Skateboard
Isidor Giorgio Ferrara 5164 BE BE Skateboard
Isidro Tanoue 2669 AR AR Skateboard
Ismael Rojas Conejo 4701 CR CR Skateboard
Israel Moreno Jr 3883 US US Skateboard
Issac White 5368 US US Skateboard
Iuri Maggi 1610 BR BR Skateboard
Iury Pedrosa 1599 BR BR Skateboard
Ivan Borzev 4786 RU RU Skateboard
Ivan Davila Piñeiro 2427 ES ES Skateboard
Ivan Tarazaga 1267 ES ES Skateboard
Ivar Boldvik 2378 NO NO Skateboard
Jack Adams 4312 AU AU Skateboard
Jack Allen 285 AU AU Skateboard
Jack Collins 5266 US US Skateboard
Jack Cooper 66 US US Skateboard
Jack Farrell 5229 AU AU Skateboard
Jack Glenn 812 AU AU Skateboard
Jack Lavallee 841 CA CA Skateboard
Jack McLeod 1880 US US Skateboard
Jack Meyn 3302 AU AU Skateboard
Jack Mulholland 3147 AU AU Skateboard
Jack Traynor 2142 US US Skateboard
Jackson Loney 4730 AU AU Skateboard
Jackson Tucker 1044 AU AU Skateboard
Jacob Astren 1305 CA CA Skateboard
Jacob Benon 2005 SE SE Skateboard
Jacob Copfer 1322 US US Skateboard
Jacob Gellatly 569 US US Skateboard
Jacob Hales 4574 US US Skateboard
Jacob Rizo 2244 US US Skateboard
Jacques Deysel 992 ZA ZA Skateboard
Jacsen Kutik 5080 US US Skateboard
Jaden Chavez 1717 US US Skateboard
Jaime Arche 5256 ES ES Skateboard
Jair Jaramillo 4843 PE PE Luge
Jair Mayorca 5147 PE PE Luge
Jake Bryan 4434 US US Skateboard
Jake Hinds 1849 US US Skateboard
Jake Home 100 CA CA Skateboard
Jake Knudsen 3053 US US Skateboard
Jake Palmer 2181 US US Skateboard
Jake Trotta 1900 US US Skateboard
Jaklyn He 4557 CN CN Skateboard
Jakob Eriksson 1070 SE SE Skateboard
Jakob Lundberg 2064 SE SE Skateboard
Jakob Raab 892 DE DE Skateboard
Jakub Los 1071 CZ CZ Skateboard
Jakub Prasek 5364 CZ CZ Skateboard
James Fast 381 US US Skateboard
James Gunn 4504 GB GB Skateboard
James Hopkin 9 AU AU Events
James Kaczmarek 151 AU AU Skateboard
James Keep 5177 AU AU Skateboard
James Lange 1873 SG SG Skateboard
James Mallette 3508 US US Luge
James Oldenburger 98 CA CA Skateboard
James Penman 636 GB GB Skateboard
James Robertson 4655 NZ NZ Skateboard
James Woodford 3495 GB GB Skateboard
Jamie Gwillim 294 AU AU Skateboard
Jan Erben 2226 CZ CZ Skateboard
Jan Florian 4884 CZ CZ Skateboard
Jan Profous 504 CZ CZ Events
Jan Saraiva 1237 DE DE Skateboard
Jan Scherer 422 DE DE Skateboard
Jangwom Jeon 4761 KR KR Skateboard
Janine La Franca 2381 IT IT Skateboard
Janis Jirgens 1204 LV LV Skateboard
Janko Lehmann 2313 SK SK Skateboard
Janoah Slijpen 2896 ZA ZA Skateboard
Janosch Müller 414 DE DE Skateboard
Jared Carr 5047 US US Luge
Jared Roy 1901 US US Skateboard
Jared Sherman 899 CA CA Skateboard
Jared Shinkle 3201 US US Skateboard
Jarle Asheim 1222 NO NO Skateboard
Jarod Gall 965 CA CA Skateboard
Jaroslav Dostál 189 CZ CZ Skateboard
Jaroslav Kafka 2391 CZ CZ Luge
Jaroslav Kejř 1169 CZ CZ Skateboard
Jaryn Sluchinski 1918 CA CA Skateboard
Jasir Hidalgo Fonseca 4677 CR CR Skateboard
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