This list shows all of the riders who have an IDF number, active and inactive. Click a flag to see all members with that nationality. For some detailed stats click here.

Name IDF # Nationality Category
Dillon Frazier 297 AU AU Skateboard
Dillon Stephens 474 CA CA Skateboard
Dina Miss 1034 DE DE Skateboard
Dion Pickles-Teller 323 CA CA Skateboard
Dirk-Jan Winnubst 4874 NL NL Skateboard
Dj Fallon 1785 US US Skateboard
Dmitri Menas 3343 US US Skateboard
Dmitriy Tarasov 4789 RU RU Skateboard
Dominic Giansiracusa 616 US US Skateboard
Dominic Pomrenski 2541 CA CA Skateboard
Dominic Rico-Gomez 3878 DE DE Skateboard
Dominic Schenk 2150 CH CH Skateboard
Dominik Janoušek 1023 CZ CZ Skateboard
Dominik Kowalski 2373 DE DE Skateboard
Dominique Vukorep 1256 CA CA Skateboard
Don Cudney 2125 US US Skateboard
Doug Tolman 12 US US Skateboard
Doug Wong 1330 CA CA Skateboard
Douglas Silva 405 BR BR Skateboard
Douglas York 1337 US US Skateboard
Dragos Manescu 4923 RO RO Luge
Dre Nubine 663 US US Skateboard
Drew Edwards 170 US US Skateboard
Duane Espindola 282 BR BR Skateboard
Duke Degen 1284 US US Skateboard
Duncan Kay 1188 GB GB Skateboard
Dustin Hampton 3270 US US Skateboard
Dylan Baddeley 330 AU AU Skateboard
Dylan Baist-Bliss 2479 US US Skateboard
Dylan Clark 3613 CA CA Skateboard
Dylan Courville 2215 CA CA Skateboard
Dylan Friedman 3202 US US Skateboard
Dylan Greer 4594 US US Skateboard
Dylan Jones 3350 US US Skateboard
Dylan Patton 3240 US US Skateboard
Dylan Rumo 4904 CH CH Skateboard
Dylan Shrimpton 4494 US US Skateboard
Dylan Skaggs 4938 US US Skateboard
Dylan Wall 1328 CA CA Luge
Dylan Walsh 3212 US US Skateboard
Dylan Wilson 2302 US US Skateboard
E Chan 4758 HK HK Skateboard
Earl Licop 510 PH PH Skateboard
Easton Stock 2389 US US Skateboard
Ed Garner 2136 US US Skateboard
Ed Lynn 703 US US Skateboard
Eddie Hernandez 3522 US US Skateboard
Eddie Spearing 442 NZ NZ Skateboard
Eden Carbonell 1382 FR FR Skateboard
Eden Mcdonogh 4408 AU AU Skateboard
Ederson Alves 286 BR BR Skateboard
Edgar Acero 234 CO CO Skateboard
Edgar De Wit 37 NL NL Luge
Edgardo Bretoneche 2845 PE PE Skateboard
Edgardo Michieli 3676 AR AR Luge
Edgardo Pechar 4269 AR AR Skateboard
Edison Saldivar 530 PH PH Skateboard
Edmund Dwyer 160 AU AU Skateboard
Edmundo Ramon Condori Guivin 4055 PE PE Skateboard
Edoardo Barbi 4513 IT IT Skateboard
Eduardo Basabe 915 ES ES Skateboard
Eduardo Cordero 3581 MX MX Skateboard
Eduardo Cortes Castrejon 1407 MX MX Skateboard
Eduardo Falcão 1795 BR BR Skateboard
Eduardo Faria 2919 BR BR Skateboard
Eduardo Pablos Rodrigues 1592 BR BR Skateboard
Eduardo Ramos Acuña 1532 PE PE Skateboard
Eduardo Tonini Ferreira 2646 BR BR Skateboard
Edward Avina 1372 MX MX Skateboard
Edward Kiefer 1731 US US Skateboard
Edwin Schölander 2158 SE SE Skateboard
Edwin Van Der Sar 2904 NL NL Skateboard
Einar Kvam 1055 NO NO Skateboard
Eldar Fernandez Cendejas 4467 ES ES Skateboard
Elena Corrigall 599 CA CA Skateboard
Elia Martinalli 4821 IT IT Skateboard
Elias Andersson 3521 SE SE Skateboard
Elías Fabré Ferrer 4652 ES ES Skateboard
Elijah Cameron 204 NZ NZ Skateboard
Elijah Healy 3213 US US Skateboard
Elijah Vinograd 50 US US Skateboard
Elina Pascucci 82 AR AR Skateboard
Elio Langlais 4440 FR FR Skateboard
Elissa Mah 3149 NZ NZ Skateboard
Ellie Gormaz 4263 CL CL Skateboard
Elliot Melling 4385 NZ NZ Skateboard
Elliot Murdoch 4336 AU AU Skateboard
Elliott Newey 1488 US US Skateboard
Ellis Chase-Pinkney 1730 US US Skateboard
Eloi Pujol 913 ES ES Skateboard
Elton Peruzzo 1471 BR BR Skateboard
Elton Vejux 4771 FR FR Skateboard
emanuel moura 4847 BR BR Skateboard
emanuel moura 4851 BR BR Skateboard
Emanuele Caruso 3486 IT IT Skateboard
Emil Franzén 1360 SE SE Skateboard
Emil Olsson 1144 SE SE Skateboard
Emile Eknes Miller 1201 NO NO Skateboard
Emiliano Enrique Llopiz 3880 AR AR Skateboard
Emiliano Lucas Nahuel González 1594 AR AR Skateboard