This list shows all of the riders who have an IDF number, active and inactive. Click a flag to see all members with that nationality. For some detailed stats click here.

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Name IDF # Nationality Category
Gabriel Pucheu 1618 BR BR Skateboard
Gabriel Reyes 3116 US US Skateboard
Gabriel Silva De Maria 4102 BR BR Skateboard
Gabriel Teixeira 2814 BR BR Skateboard
Gabriel Yaffes 2798 ZA ZA Skateboard
Gabriela Feliciano 2077 PR PR Skateboard
Gabriele Motta 2281 IT IT Luge
Gaël Abudarham 5265 CA CA Skateboard
Garrett Gourley 2449 US US Skateboard
Garrett Hawkins 1883 US US Skateboard
Garry Browning 4737 AU AU Luge
Gaspard Blanchet 2178 FR FR Skateboard
Gavin Gibson 5442 US US Skateboard
Gavin Rutherford 1966 CA CA Skateboard
Genesis Daniela Peralta Marquez 5263 VE VE Skateboard
Geoff Chapel 2072 US US Skateboard
Geoff Treadwell 668 US US Skateboard
George Cheeseman 1083 GB GB Luge
George Gamboa 2009 PH PH Skateboard
George Mackenzie 1383 CA CA Skateboard
George McHugh 638 US US Skateboard
George Merkert 2550 US US Interested other
Geork Meekisch 2384 AT AT Skateboard
Gerard Dombroski 3174 NZ NZ Skateboard
Gerardo Aleman 3620 MX MX Skateboard
Gerardo Arriaga Aleman 2154 MX MX Skateboard
Gerardo Moreno 700 MX MX Skateboard
German Rubio 2368 ES ES Skateboard
Giacomo Di Gangi 4518 IT IT Skateboard
Giorgina Ferrero Vottero 3576 IT IT Skateboard
Giorginna Ivanov 1479 PE PE Skateboard
Giulia Bottazzin 4663 IT IT Skateboard
Giulia Delministro 3481 IT IT Skateboard
Giuseppe Maltese 1093 IT IT Skateboard
Glen Phillips 2885 ZA ZA Skateboard
Glenn Palilio 539 PH PH Skateboard
Gonzalo Marsilli 3751 AR AR Skateboard
Gordon Miller 3560 US US Skateboard
Graciela Perez 1551 PE PE Skateboard
Graciela Perez Caceres 603 PE PE Skateboard
Graeme Akhurst 38 AU AU Skateboard
Grafton Smith 642 US US Skateboard
Graham Ely 5391 AU AU Skateboard
Graham Mundy 209 CA CA Skateboard
Grant Kiessling 1705 US US Skateboard
Greg Gerber 1251 FR FR Luge
Greg McCaslin 5307 US US Skateboard
Greggory Kent 835 US US Skateboard
Gregor Nussbaummüller 4425 AT AT Skateboard
Gregory Furtado 1553 BR BR Skateboard
Gregory Mazza 2133 US US Skateboard
Grick Delgado 3622 MX MX Skateboard
Gui Chiele 5121 BR BR Skateboard
Guilherme Leal 3725 BR BR Skateboard
Guilherme Rodrigues 1562 BR BR Skateboard
Guillaume Dessureault 5281 CA CA Skateboard
Guillaume Gansert 1985 FR FR Skateboard
Guillaume Lefebvre 4952 CH CH Skateboard
Guillermo Correa 5111 EC EC Skateboard
Guillermo Prado 4814 CL CL Skateboard
Gunnar Kalb 981 DE DE Luge
Gustav Fahlström 2317 SE SE Skateboard
Gustav Funck Norrhäll 1155 SE SE Skateboard
Gustavo Daniel 4721 BR BR Skateboard
Gustavo Franco 1464 BR BR Luge
Gustavo Mello De Almeida 1601 BR BR Skateboard
Gustavo Ribeiro 4718 BR BR Skateboard
Gustavo Rios Neto 1580 BR BR Skateboard
Gyun-U Kim 4725 KR KR Skateboard
Hallyson Luan De Castro 2642 BR BR Skateboard
Hamid Metalbee 126 CA CA Industry
Hamish Neher 56 AU AU Skateboard
Hank Mccarroll 5322 US US Luge
Hannes Larsson 1165 SE SE Skateboard
Hans Kristian Henriksen 114 NO NO Skateboard
Harold Moreno 3990 CO CO Skateboard
Harrison Depass 3944 US US Skateboard
Hayden Conroy 1502 US US Skateboard
He Qiao 4488 CN CN Skateboard
Hector Alejandro Alvarez Flores 2151 MX MX Skateboard
Hector Reyes 3115 US US Skateboard
Hector Salazar 3621 MX MX Skateboard
Heitor Tavares 2631 BR BR Skateboard
Helene Folliard 4659 FR FR Skateboard
Helene Schmit 3655 FR FR Luge
Helio Silva 2450 BR BR Skateboard
Henrik Lauströer 508 DE DE Skateboard
Henrique Cesar Zavataro Soares 1778 BR BR Skateboard
Henry Brown 3591 US US Skateboard
Henry Muller 2883 ZA ZA Skateboard
Herman Ottesen 1020 NO NO Skateboard
Hernando Alberto Huérfano Moreno 5124 CO CO Skateboard
Hobbart Cornelis 2300 NL NL Skateboard
Hoi Ki Law 4528 HK HK Skateboard
Hugo Gafner 4773 CH CH Skateboard
Hugo Lorenzo Salvatierra 3932 AR AR Luge
Hugo Muniz Albuquerque 1695 BR BR Skateboard
Hugo Nicholls 1590 BR BR Skateboard
Hugo Zegarra 1571 PE PE Skateboard
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