This list shows all of the riders who have an IDF number, active and inactive. Click a flag to see all members with that nationality. For some detailed stats click here.

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Name IDF # Nationality Category
Juan Sanchez 4153 PE PE Skateboard
Juan Sebastian 1664 CO CO Skateboard
Juan Sebastian Rios 5125 CO CO Skateboard
Juarez Soares 1678 BR BR Skateboard
Juba Sam 289 BR BR Skateboard
Julian Camilo Lopez Ruiz 1672 CO CO Skateboard
Julian Forde 224 AU AU Skateboard
Julian S. Baxter 1341 NO NO Skateboard
Julian Sherman 4985 AU AU Skateboard
Julian Slaney 1046 AU AU Luge
Juliano Cassemiro 562 BR BR Skateboard
Julien Alonso 3473 FR FR Luge
Julien Fouchard 1968 FR FR Luge
Julieta Arlettaz 1569 AR AR Skateboard
Julieth Sanchez 1591 CO CO Skateboard
Julio Enrique Perez 1706 US US Skateboard
Julio Inga 4046 PE PE Skateboard
JunBo Si 5194 CN CN Skateboard
Junior Pure Sandoval 1546 PE PE Skateboard
Justin Abrioux 202 CA CA Skateboard
Justin Bain 5198 NZ NZ Skateboard
Justin Barnes 1931 US US Skateboard
Justin Crenshaw 3251 US US Luge
Justin Mottishaw 637 CA CA Skateboard
Justin Preston 2163 US US Skateboard
Justin Readings 1099 CA CA Skateboard
Justin Rouleau 748 US US Skateboard
Justin Sanderson 1779 CA CA Skateboard
Justin Suryanata 1298 ID ID Skateboard
Justin Vivian 4916 US US Skateboard
Justinne Jade Calayag 5251 PH PH Skateboard
Ka Yuan 5013 GB GB Skateboard
Kaimana Pinto 2208 VI VI Skateboard
Kaleb Davis 4589 US US Skateboard
Kaleb Haddish 1876 US US Skateboard
Kaleigh Herald 1105 CA CA Skateboard
Kalie Racine 3541 CA CA Skateboard
Kami San 2019 FR FR Skateboard
Kane Pennington 2214 US US Skateboard
Kara Marbe Urbiztondo 1910 PH PH Skateboard
Karen Van Rompay 3319 BE BE Skateboard
Kari Havnevik 1234 NO NO Skateboard
Karl Kaiser 949 CA CA Skateboard
Karl Porsner 1172 SE SE Skateboard
Karolina Dolezelova 1042 CZ CZ Skateboard
Kathleen Murphy 1223 CA CA Interested other
Katie Edwards 4579 GB GB Skateboard
Katya Torres 2078 PR PR Skateboard
Kawika Omoto 1489 US US Skateboard
Kaylene Beatty 4623 CA CA Skateboard
Kazuki Yoshihara 3180 JP JP Luge
Keenan Domerecki 1063 CA CA Skateboard
Keige Ando 3575 PH PH Skateboard
Kelechi Fletcher 1868 US US Skateboard
Kellan Osborne 1815 GB GB Skateboard
Kellee Jones 4619 US US Skateboard
Kelly Johnson 723 US US Skateboard
Kelsey Nakanelua 3219 US US Skateboard
Kelsey Skrobotz 988 CA CA Skateboard
Kelvin Lopez 3104 PR PR Skateboard
Kenneth Barreto 1758 PR PR Skateboard
Kenneth Lopez 1768 PR PR Skateboard
Kent Fletcher 5067 US US Skateboard
Kent Oscar Jubela 1836 PH PH Skateboard
Kervin Xavier 1622 PE PE Skateboard
Kevin Balvin Sierra 2844 PE PE Skateboard
Kevin Bouaich 72 FR FR Skateboard
Kevin Carcelen 5141 EC EC Skateboard
Kevin Langi 4615 US US Skateboard
Kevin Lefrank 989 CA CA Skateboard
Kevin O'Hara 4357 AU AU Skateboard
Kevin Reich 3498 US US Skateboard
Kevin Reimer 11 CA CA Skateboard
Kevin Scott Toledo Guevara 611 PE PE Skateboard
Keyla Padin 1721 PR PR Skateboard
Kim André Hansen 1296 NO NO Skateboard
Kim Catina 535 PH PH Skateboard
Kim Chang Jung 4766 KR KR Industry
Kim Nilsson 440 SE SE Skateboard
Kiriutkin Evgenii 1228 RU RU Skateboard
Klaes Johansson 1409 SE SE Skateboard
Klaus Wrensted Jensen 3442 DK DK Skateboard
Kolby Parks 544 CA CA Luge
Korey Kamp 5223 AU AU Skateboard
Kory Dahl 5063 US US Skateboard
Kris Vazquez 1763 US US Skateboard
Kristina Engstrand 1406 SE SE Skateboard
Kristoffer Stenersen 1246 NO NO Skateboard
Krzysiek Powierża 3759 PL PL Skateboard
Kunda Wu 5193 CN CN Skateboard
Kurtis Dawe 1001 CA CA Skateboard
Kurtis Head 3336 US US Luge
Kurtis Thompson 912 CA CA Skateboard
Kyle Castaneda 888 US US Luge
Kyle Chin 755 US US Skateboard
Kyle Connelly 1720 US US Skateboard
Kyle Daniel Bolado 566 PH PH Skateboard
Kyle Lahaie 3716 CA CA Skateboard
Kyle Nogleberg 745 US US Skateboard
Kyle Peterson 1934 CA CA Skateboard
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