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Name IDF # Nationality Category
Lorenzo Sá 4716 BR BR Skateboard
Lorenzo Salcedo 2083 BR BR Skateboard
Loris De Lamper 5238 BE BE Skateboard
Lorraine Ramirez 4552 PH PH Skateboard
Loryn Roberson 2227 US US Skateboard
Louis Alexander Hinnah 3445 DE DE Skateboard
Louis Bigourdan 1421 FR FR Skateboard
Louis Chappez 5226 FR FR Skateboard
Louis Pilloni 150 US US Skateboard
Louis Smallwood 3476 GB GB Skateboard
Louis-Philippe Déry 2086 CA CA Skateboard
Luana Campos 2771 BR BR Skateboard
Luana Chaves Dos Santos Silva 4083 BR BR Skateboard
Luc Olazabal 5082 US US Skateboard
Luca Bardino 4775 CH CH Skateboard
Luca Chavez 3693 CH CH Skateboard
Luca Coleman 427 AU AU Skateboard
Luca Dragone 1468 AR AR Skateboard
Luca Pallucchini 2129 AR AR Skateboard
Luca Santolamazza 1131 IT IT Luge
Luca Visconti 2696 BR BR Skateboard
Luca Visconti de Paula 4705 BR BR Skateboard
Lucas Arnoletto 1613 AR AR Skateboard
Lucas Batista 2553 BR BR Skateboard
Lucas Beste 1235 DE DE Skateboard
Lucas Bontorin Bette 5245 BR BR Skateboard
Lucas Braga Americano Freire 1523 BR BR Skateboard
Lucas Cantal De Souza Lima 2122 BR BR Skateboard
Lucas Caribé 2723 BR BR Skateboard
Lucas Coelho Guaragni 3795 BR BR Skateboard
Lucas Costa 1558 BR BR Skateboard
Lucas Eduardo Negrello 4238 BR BR Skateboard
Lucas Freitas 2645 BR BR Skateboard
Lucas Furtado Leite Ribeiro 1497 BR BR Skateboard
Lucas Herbst 2750 BR BR Skateboard
Lucas Herbst O Santos 1593 BR BR Skateboard
Lucas Krown 886 SE SE Skateboard
Lucas Lamournier 4283 BR BR Skateboard
Lucas Lellig 4678 FR FR Events
Lucas Lima 95 AU AU Skateboard
Lucas Londonio 1024 CO CO Skateboard
Lucas Londoño Garcia 2684 CO CO Skateboard
Lucas Perdoná Da Silva 3547 BR BR Skateboard
Lucas Poulain 1018 FR FR Skateboard
Lucas Vargas Quintana 3992 CO CO Skateboard
Lucas Vergara 4264 AR AR Skateboard
Lucas Vieira Caribe 2710 BR BR Skateboard
Lucasdalpra Venazzi 4717 BR BR Skateboard
Lucca Andrade 1472 EC EC Skateboard
Luciano Bertuol 1630 BR BR Skateboard
Luciano Cosme 4863 BR BR Skateboard
Luciano Cosme Guimaraes 1458 BR BR Skateboard
Luciano Matias Lucero 3876 AR AR Skateboard
Luciano Mendes 5117 BR BR Skateboard
Lucien Topart 3222 CA CA Skateboard
Ludovic Harf 2216 FR FR Skateboard
Ludwig Fahlström 2054 SE SE Skateboard
Lui Priester 2104 DE DE Skateboard
Luis Acevedo 1733 US US Skateboard
Luis Acevedo 2517 DO DO Skateboard
Luis Alejandro Baez Zarate 1643 CO CO Skateboard
Luis Alvarez 1757 PR PR Skateboard
Luis Boz 1799 US US Skateboard
Luis David Ortiz Gonzalez 2156 MX MX Skateboard
Luis Eduardo Rivera Torres 1608 CO CO Skateboard
Luis Emiliano 5168 AR AR Skateboard
Luis Esteban Ladera Ovalles 4831 VE VE Skateboard
Luis Felipe 1602 PE PE Skateboard
Luis Fernando Brocanelli 1525 BR BR Luge
Luis Garcia 4365 ES ES Skateboard
Luis Giron Garcia 4856 EC EC Skateboard
Luis Gonzalez 3619 MX MX Skateboard
Luis Lins 28 BR BR Skateboard
Luis Marrero 3109 PR PR Skateboard
Luis Miguel Rodriguez Oviedo 4689 CR CR Skateboard
Luis Mogrovejo 1506 PE PE Luge
Luis Noah Stahl 547 DE DE Skateboard
Luis Pablo Delamarre 4266 AR AR Luge
Luis Pacheco 4860 BR BR Skateboard
Luis Rabanal 1448 PE PE Skateboard
Luis Vargas 686 PR PR Skateboard
Luis Vergara 5252 AR AR Skateboard
Luiz Antonio De Almeida Porpino Junior 1589 BR BR Skateboard
Luiz Gustavo 2924 BR BR Skateboard
Luiz Gustavo Domingos Cunha 1692 BR BR Skateboard
Luiz Paulo Previero 5156 BR BR Skateboard
Lukas Geitel 2120 DE DE Skateboard
Lukas Kouba 5230 CZ CZ Skateboard
Lukáš Kubacki 4660 CZ CZ Skateboard
Lukas Meier 313 DE DE Skateboard
Lukas Nürnberger 2376 DE DE Skateboard
Lukas Pleva 5021 CZ CZ Skateboard
Lukas Röder 1122 DE DE Skateboard
Lukas Tlaskal 4582 CZ CZ Skateboard
Lukas Übelhör 2066 DE DE Skateboard
Lukas Vancl 1036 CZ CZ Luge
Lukas Wünsche 3419 DE DE Skateboard
Lukasz Janusz Tomkiel 3176 PL PL Skateboard
Luke Dietz 1949 CA CA Skateboard
Luke Fisk 4339 AU AU Skateboard
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