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Name IDF # Nationality Category
Landon Jackson 3782 US US Skateboard
Landon Nothnagel 2955 ZA ZA Skateboard
Lars Aspevik Martinsen 447 NO NO Luge
Lars Isaksen 2365 NO NO Skateboard
Lars Mikalsen 1037 NO NO Skateboard
Lars Troutwine 3756 US US Skateboard
Lasse Moe 4651 NO NO Skateboard
Laura Munoz 4029 CO CO Skateboard
Laura Munoz 1029 CO CO Skateboard
Laura Rodriguez Hernandez 3488 ES ES Skateboard
Laura Serna Munoz 3896 CO CO Skateboard
Laura Vanessa Sepúlveda Arias 1607 CO CO Skateboard
Laura Vargas Echeverry 1453 CO CO Skateboard
Laurent Perigault 1334 FR FR Skateboard
Lawrence Hepple 4755 ZW ZW Luge
Lawrence Thompson 3076 NZ NZ Skateboard
Layne Curial 994 CA CA Skateboard
Lazar Ćurković 5171 RS RS Skateboard
Le Roux De Villiers 3008 ZA ZA Skateboard
Léa Richard 4829 FR FR Skateboard
Lea Robertson 10 AU AU Skateboard
Leandro Cordon 2422 ES ES Skateboard
Leandro Fernandez 621 PE PE Skateboard
Leandro Leandro 4118 AR AR Skateboard
Leandro Moura 3938 BR BR Skateboard
Lee Cabre 3925 AR AR Skateboard
Lee Cation 6 CA CA Skateboard
Lee Dansie 4633 US US Skateboard
Lee Jungwoo 4811 KR KR Skateboard
Lee Tae yun 4482 KR KR Skateboard
Leeland Paxton 3926 CA CA Skateboard
Leighton Fisk 2269 CA CA Skateboard
Leland Michaliszyn 2236 US US Skateboard
Lenka Sala_ová 864 CZ CZ Skateboard
Lennard Gires 519 DE DE Skateboard
Leo Adriano Borton 1604 BR BR Luge
Leo Borton 3266 BR BR Luge
Leo Sartor 1301 CA CA Skateboard
León Luiz Sastre 1644 BR BR Skateboard
Leon Ritter 958 DE DE Skateboard
Leon Sastre 4706 BR BR Skateboard
Leonard Stocker 1998 GB GB Luge
Leonardo Coura 2776 BR BR Skateboard
Leonardo Discacciati 4010 BR BR Skateboard
Leonardo Ferraz Martins 1682 BR BR Skateboard
Leonardo Gamboa Bruzzi 3274 BR BR Skateboard
Leonardo Kikuchi 4217 BR BR Skateboard
Leonardo Klein Verardi 1675 BR BR Skateboard
Leonardo Macchi 4231 AR AR Skateboard
Leonardo Valencia 1648 CO CO Skateboard
Leonardo Vasconcelos Martinho De Barros 4195 BR BR Skateboard
Leonardo Verardi 2464 BR BR Skateboard
Leonardo Zolezzi Aguero 2620 PE PE Events
Leonel Maidana 1268 AR AR Skateboard
Leonel Ocampo 4268 AR AR Skateboard
Leunam Segura 5078 DO DO Skateboard
Lev Seidl 320 CZ CZ Skateboard
Levi Biersack 1240 DE DE Skateboard
Levi Green 335 US US Skateboard
Levi Hawken 3083 NZ NZ Skateboard
Levi Mendoza 4572 US US Skateboard
Lewis Saxon 5183 AU AU Skateboard
Lexi Loch 4601 US US Skateboard
Liam Bemrose 600 AU AU Skateboard
Liam Brown 910 CA CA Skateboard
Liam Coppleman 3185 AU AU Skateboard
Liam Fourie 525 ZA ZA Skateboard
Liam Hornby 1327 CA CA Skateboard
Liam Morgan 926 US US Skateboard
Liam Moseman 4480 US US Skateboard
Liam Shaughnessy 5101 US US Skateboard
Liam Slattery 1895 US US Skateboard
Liang He 4496 CN CN Skateboard
Light Liu 4769 TW TW Skateboard
Lilian Gutsch 2082 DE DE Skateboard
Lillian Barouillet 4777 FR FR Skateboard
Linden Pye 1928 CA CA Skateboard
Ling Lee 3194 MY MY Skateboard
Lingshan He 5195 CN CN Skateboard
Linn Andersson 2309 SE SE Skateboard
Linus Brundin 2097 SE SE Skateboard
Lionel Gygli 5290 CH CH Luge
Lisa Peters 4521 NL NL Skateboard
Live Frisak 2341 NO NO Skateboard
Livia Waldburger 4987 CH CH Skateboard
Liz Kinnish 86 GB GB Events
Lluc Viladas 1179 US US Skateboard
Lochlainn Darroch 4964 AU AU Skateboard
Logan Bartsch 4989 US US Skateboard
Logan Gregory 3305 US US Skateboard
Logan Whyatt 152 CA CA Skateboard
Loïc Egido 4798 CH CH Skateboard
Loic Lux 3432 FR FR Luge
Long Yin Chung 4757 HK HK Skateboard
Lonnie Leonelli 1455 US US Skateboard
Lopez Tomas 3985 AR AR Skateboard
Lorenza Walker 2334 SE SE Skateboard
Lorenzo Reginato 3034 BR BR Skateboard
Lorenzo Rivas 1499 CO CO Skateboard
Lorenzo Sá 4716 BR BR Skateboard
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