I can’t change my name

That is correct. We have ‘killed’ the option to change your name, because why would you want to change your name ? The IDF requires […]

Exporting the registration info

At a certain point the registration closes and you need to have all the data. This can be done by exporting the data from your […]

How do I manage event registrations?

Click manage bookings. This opens the admin dashboard. Here you see the latest registrations for all your coming events. You have several filters to show […]

Show more registration info

If you go to your registration panel you see certain columns there. You can select which columns/info you want to see there. Just click the […]

Can I change my IDF number ?

To answer the question right of the bat; No. IDF numbers are automatically assigned. They are tied to your Paypal payment, your (possible) event registrations […]

I need to contact the organiser

If you need to contact the event organiser for some reason, you can find his/her info on the bottom of the event page, from the […]

How will my profile photo look best ?

We are displaying the profile picture as a square image, in which you’re centered, so make sure your head is not positioned somewhere on the […]

Can I subscribe to the IDF calendar?

Yes you can, through ical, which is the basis of most calendars nowadays. Follow the steps below. Google Calendar Open your Google Calendar. Find the […]

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