This list shows all of the riders who have an IDF number, active and inactive. Click a flag to see all members with that nationality. For some detailed stats click here.

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Name IDF # Nationality Category
Martin Guiterrez 1621 PE PE Skateboard
Martin Hult 1112 SE SE Skateboard
Martin Klawitter 2025 SE SE Skateboard
Martin Kratochvil 4519 CZ CZ Skateboard
Martin Nörl 417 DE DE Skateboard
Martin Villagrana 3618 MX MX Skateboard
Martins Kivlinieks 5261 LV LV Skateboard
Marvin Müller 4966 DE DE Skateboard
Mason Good 4503 US US Skateboard
Mateus Brandao Cavinato 1617 BR BR Skateboard
Mateusz Maka 2229 PL PL Skateboard
Mateusz Olszowy 3160 PL PL Skateboard
Matheus Chagas 4122 BR BR Skateboard
Matheus Duarte 5154 BR BR Skateboard
Matheus Felicio 526 BR BR Industry
Matheus Gatolini 4715 BR BR Skateboard
Matheus Pereira 2020 BR BR Skateboard
Mathew Wasilenkoff 4612 CA CA Skateboard
Mathias Lang 310 DE DE Luge
Mathieu Borloz 5222 CH CH Luge
Mathieu Gagnon 5087 CA CA Skateboard
Mathieu Lombardie 2284 FR FR Skateboard
Mathiws Braudigan Quiros 4690 CR CR Skateboard
Matias Rodriguez Blanco 2674 AR AR Skateboard
Matt Arderne 73 ZA ZA Skateboard
Matt Bartlett 162 US US Luge
Matt Belperio 4739 AU AU Skateboard
Matt Greene 4419 NZ NZ Skateboard
Matt Haustead 250 AU AU Skateboard
Matt Kavalunas 784 US US Skateboard
Matt Rae 1325 CA CA Skateboard
Matt Taylor 241 CA CA Skateboard
Matteo Corteletti 81 IT IT Skateboard
Matteo Rodinis 4307 IT IT Skateboard
Matthew Bates 1217 AU AU Skateboard
Matthew English 770 US US Skateboard
Matthew King 2500 CA CA Skateboard
Matthew King 4550 CA CA Skateboard
Matthew McKeon 1818 US US Skateboard
Matthew Noseworthy 1801 CA CA Skateboard
Matthew Phillips 3345 US US Skateboard
Matthew Rowe 1870 US US Skateboard
Matthew Ryan 4346 AU AU Skateboard
Matthew Stene 4731 CA CA Skateboard
Matthew Swanepoel 2786 ZA ZA Skateboard
Matthew Yan 4555 PH PH Skateboard
Matthias Mögele 834 AT AT Skateboard
Matthieu Arene 5213 FR FR Skateboard
Mauricio Bravo 4104 AR AR Luge
Mauricio Mantovani 3819 BR BR Skateboard
Mauricio Rodriguez 798 CO CO Skateboard
Mauritz Armfelt 795 SE SE Skateboard
Max Ballesteros 137 BR BR Skateboard
Max Eriksson 1226 SE SE Skateboard
Max Gradlmiller 943 CA CA Skateboard
Max Marshall 536 CA CA Skateboard
Max Meurling 252 SE SE Skateboard
Max Orta 3233 US US Events
Max Pfeiffer 5453 US US Skateboard
Max Rehn 3352 SE SE Skateboard
Max Valls Plata 4658 ES ES Skateboard
Maxim Garant-Rousseau 985 CA CA Skateboard
Maxime Robitaille 353 CA CA Skateboard
Maxime Rubi 382 FR FR Luge
maxime spinard 5291 XE XE Skateboard
Maximiliano Loyola 1588 AR AR Skateboard
Maximilien Pinaud 5201 GB GB Skateboard
Maximo Fernandez 3500 ES ES Skateboard
Maxwell Capps 97 US US Skateboard
Maxwell Dubler 111 US US Skateboard
Maxwell Martin 1740 US US Skateboard
Maxwell Rondeau 3342 US US Skateboard
Maya Joshua Fernandez 1814 PH PH Skateboard
Meaghan Rillstone 3823 US US Skateboard
Megan Haver 5354 US US Luge
Meindertjan Rebel 2901 ZA ZA Skateboard
Melvin Corpuz 524 PH PH Skateboard
MENGLI WANG 4912 CN CN Skateboard
Mercer Potgieter 2912 ZA ZA Skateboard
Miao Ho 4772 TW TW Interested other
Micaiah Harness 5113 US US Skateboard
Michael Ambrey 4962 US US Skateboard
Michael Angelo Dela Serna 1848 PH PH Skateboard
Michael Asinas 3885 US US Skateboard
Michael Bastin 273 CA CA Skateboard
Michael Benz 322 DE DE Skateboard
Michael Bridge 515 CA CA Skateboard
Michael Christopher 5068 US US Luge
Michael Claessens 1726 BE BE Luge
Michael Fitter 1015 CA CA Skateboard
Michael Harrington 1498 US US Skateboard
Michael Hinze 627 US US Skateboard
Michael Labreche 3773 CA CA Skateboard
Michael Lawler 4397 AU AU Skateboard
Michael Lee 1697 US US Skateboard
Michael Mayer 4877 DE DE Interested other
Michael Neblock 582 US US Skateboard
Michaël Pellicer 4885 FR FR Skateboard
Michael Rory Cameron 2355 US US Skateboard
Michael Ryan 93 US US Skateboard
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