This list shows all of the riders who have an IDF number, active and inactive. Click a flag to see all members with that nationality. For some detailed stats click here.

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Name IDF # Nationality Category
Colin Beck 3 AU AU Events
Colin Martin 2247 US US Skateboard
Colin Murray 752 US US Skateboard
Colin Paon 1331 CA CA Skateboard
Colin Szeplabi 996 CA CA Skateboard
Colin Zacharias 1002 CA CA Skateboard
Colleen Daugherty 3158 US US Skateboard
Colm Lyons 973 CA CA Skateboard
Colm Whelan 2033 IE IE Skateboard
Conner Stanek 3151 US US Skateboard
Connor Bewighouse 3777 US US Skateboard
Connor Janz 955 CA CA Skateboard
Connor Nonas 4360 AU AU Skateboard
Connor Welles 1361 US US Skateboard
Conrado Fonseca 1531 BR BR Skateboard
Cooper Langard 1924 CA CA Skateboard
cooper Walawski 5421 AU AU Skateboard
Corbin Mann 3390 US US Skateboard
Cordelia Welch 406 US US Skateboard
Corey Leeson 127 AU AU Skateboard
Cory Ellis 549 AU AU Skateboard
Coton Chen 4424 CN CN Skateboard
Craig Ellis 1371 US US Skateboard
Cristian Bovetti 146 AR AR Skateboard
Cristian Henz 4037 BR BR Skateboard
Cristian Quintero 1665 CO CO Skateboard
Cristina Cruz 3369 ES ES Skateboard
Crysler Thor Falguera 564 PH PH Skateboard
Curro Alberty 1751 PR PR Skateboard
Curt Watts 3909 CA CA Skateboard
Curtis Onchi 102 US US Skateboard
Cyril Schroeder 3320 CA CA Skateboard
Dacio Neto 2695 BR BR Skateboard
Dahiram Miranda 1770 PR PR Skateboard
Dakota Millard 199 US US Skateboard
Dale Goodwin 4558 GB GB Skateboard
Dale Smith 4664 AU AU Skateboard
Dallas Hunt 309 NZ NZ Skateboard
Dalton Bartholomew 1882 US US Skateboard
Damian Zimmerman 4613 US US Skateboard
Damo Green 2970 ZA ZA Skateboard
Damond Mastin 3743 US US Skateboard
Dane Hanna 552 CA CA Skateboard
Dane Webber 1640 US US Skateboard
Daniel Calle Mourin 1485 EC EC Skateboard
Daniel Engel 1877 US US Skateboard
Daniel Favela 366 MX MX Skateboard
Daniel Feitosa 1461 BR BR Skateboard
Daniel Fontz 3769 US US Skateboard
Daniel Guevara Iglesias 1541 PE PE Skateboard
Daniel Gugel 2109 DE DE Skateboard
Daniel Hawes 891 AU AU Skateboard
Daniel Herbert 5130 AU AU Skateboard
Daniel Holdsworth 3937 CA CA Skateboard
Daniel King 4744 AU AU Luge
Daniel Luna 626 US US Skateboard
Daniel mayuri vargas 4823 PE PE Luge
Daniel Meja 1013 CO CO Skateboard
Daniel Merchan 3997 CO CO Skateboard
Daniel Padua 281 BR BR Skateboard
Daniel Parish 2070 AU AU Skateboard
Daniel Sanchez 4861 VE VE Skateboard
Daniel Serrano 1603 BR BR Skateboard
Daniel Shinnie 2106 GB GB Skateboard
Daniel Veiga 4703 BR BR Skateboard
Daniel Witchey 115 AU AU Skateboard
Daniela Paola Rueda Rodríguez 5116 CO CO Skateboard
Daniele Aldinucci 155 IT IT Luge
Danny Carlson 338 CA CA Skateboard
Danny West 4580 GB GB Skateboard
Dante Andre Olmedo Talavera 4794 PY PY Skateboard
Dariel Rodriguez 1744 PR PR Skateboard
Darius Escandar 651 US US Luge
Dave Atess 1851 US US Skateboard
Dave Miller 49 AU AU Luge
Dave Morton 780 US US Skateboard
david addington 5348 US US Skateboard
David Anderson 5414 AU AU Luge
David Angelus 3284 US US Skateboard
David Berntsson 135 SE SE Skateboard
David Bubier 3798 US US Skateboard
David Evans 24 AU AU Skateboard
David Fábek 894 CZ CZ Skateboard
David Hernandez 607 CO CO Skateboard
David M Jimenez Molina 2633 CR CR Skateboard
David Marcos 4640 ES ES Skateboard
David Marcos 4642 ES ES Skateboard
David Marinero 2744 BR BR Skateboard
David Mitchell 3361 US US Skateboard
David Prause 4603 US US Luge
David Robertson 1000 AU AU Events
David Sanchez 1261 ES ES Skateboard
David Sim 2823 ZA ZA Skateboard
David Suarez Ramos 1656 CO CO Skateboard
David Tannaci 1082 TO TO Skateboard
David Townsend 550 US US Skateboard
David Traina 380 AU AU Skateboard
David Zacarias 3616 MX MX Skateboard
David Zacarias Mandujano 1424 MX MX Skateboard
Davide Carls 4363 CH CH Skateboard
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