This list shows all of the riders who have an IDF number, active and inactive. Click a flag to see all members with that nationality. For some detailed stats click here.

Name IDF # Nationality Category
Cedric Cornell 18 NO NO Skateboard
Cedric Luscher 4699 CR CR Skateboard
Cédric Menez 2196 FR FR Skateboard
Cédric Robert 657 CH CH Luge
Cedric Scheers 1431 BE BE Skateboard
Cesar Augusto Ramirez Meza 4824 PE PE Skateboard
Cesar La Barrera Garcia 1533 PE PE Skateboard
Chadwick Gibson 816 AU AU Skateboard
Chance Gaul 1344 US US Skateboard
Chandler Melo 4671 US US Skateboard
Chanel Huey Abad 1831 PH PH Skateboard
Chao D 3376 CN CN Skateboard
Chapa Santa Maria 2472 CL CL Skateboard
Charles Detzel 3398 US US Skateboard
Charles Fricker 3893 GB GB Skateboard
Charles John Revyan 2015 PH PH Skateboard
Charles Ouimet 214 CA CA Skateboard
Charlie Cockman 900 SE SE Skateboard
Charlie Daigneault 662 CA CA Skateboard
Charlie Darragh 481 CA CA Skateboard
Charlie Gray 1478 GB GB Skateboard
Charlie Harris 132 AU AU Skateboard
Charlie McMillan 1008 CA CA Skateboard
Charlie Reid 1909 US US Skateboard
Charo De Leon 3520 US US Luge
Chase Gaudette 1803 CA CA Skateboard
Chase Hiller 4606 US US Skateboard
Chase Hiller 4605 US US Skateboard
Chase Hiller 4604 US US Skateboard
Chase Johnson 991 CA CA Skateboard
Chase Vaughan 4452 US US Skateboard
Chen Jun 4546 CN CN Skateboard
Cheng-Lun Wu 4793 TW TW Skateboard
Cherrisse Morris 2964 ZA ZA Skateboard
Chi Wang Chan 4533 CN CN Skateboard
Chih-An Lin 4930 TW TW Skateboard
Ching-Ling Ho 1687 MY MY Skateboard
Chip Wood 384 US US Skateboard
Chris Bustamante 3715 US US Skateboard
Chris Kearns 2292 US US Skateboard
Chris Markwort 4380 AU AU Luge
Chris McBride 212 US US Luge
Chris McCurry 606 US US Skateboard
Chris Sheehy 741 US US Skateboard
Chris Wrape 3608 US US Skateboard
Christer Zhou 4502 SE SE Skateboard
Christiam Fontana Loayza 1781 BR BR Skateboard
Christian Conaway 3037 US US Luge
Christian Garcia 2840 PE PE Skateboard
Christian Gerena 3135 PR PR Skateboard
Christian Lees 4670 CH CH Skateboard
Christian Montoya Pradel 1287 PE PE Skateboard
Christian Phillips 3303 US US Skateboard
Christian Schütz 1233 DE DE Luge
Christian Swanepoel 2784 ZA ZA Skateboard
Christian Weiss 1865 DE DE Skateboard
Christine Balagot 4570 PH PH Skateboard
Christoffer Kenter 3447 DK DK Skateboard
Christoffer Nikolaisen 2343 NO NO Skateboard
Christoffer Sanne 1399 NO NO Skateboard
Christoph Lipp 2350 DE DE Skateboard
Christoph Schmalz 1810 DE DE Skateboard
Christophe Gagné 3268 CA CA Skateboard
Christophe Gatignon 131 FR FR Skateboard
Christopher Anders 3204 US US Skateboard
Christopher Antrum 4888 US US Skateboard
Christopher Cade 3410 US US Skateboard
Christopher Deida 1754 PR PR Skateboard
Christopher Eckbauer 1068 DE DE Skateboard
Christopher Ehret 1994 DE DE Skateboard
Christopher Ekwall 1175 SE SE Skateboard
Christopher Goede 548 US US Skateboard
Christopher Hardy 4311 AU AU Skateboard
Christopher Hicks 260 US US Luge
Christopher Hylen 3778 US US Skateboard
Christopher Kemp 1487 US US Skateboard
Christopher Pegg 1974 GB GB Skateboard
Chul Min Jun 4457 KR KR Skateboard
Cian Lausch 2068 DE DE Luge
Claudio Aldair Borboy Silva 3730 PE PE Skateboard
Claudio Morales 4220 AR AR Skateboard
Clayton Arthurs 927 CA CA Skateboard
Clayton Barclay-Hogan 2990 ZA ZA Skateboard
Clayton Carmichael 2356 US US Skateboard
Clayton Foshaug 1904 US US Skateboard
Clayton Romaniuk 971 CA CA Skateboard
Clemens Speißer 3438 DE DE Skateboard
Clive James Robbins 3064 NZ NZ Skateboard
Cody Baier 541 CA CA Skateboard
Cody Henrikson 1896 US US Skateboard
Cody Lux 1716 US US Skateboard
Cody Switzer 3371 US US Skateboard
Colby Looney 724 US US Skateboard
Cole Calabrese 982 US US Skateboard
Cole Johnson 1912 US US Skateboard
Cole Kurtz 1059 US US Skateboard
Cole Trotta 3889 US US Skateboard
Cole Webster 3030 US US Skateboard
Coleman Gibbs 2076 US US Skateboard
Colin Beck 3 AU AU Events