This list shows all of the riders who have an IDF number, active and inactive. Click a flag to see all members with that nationality. For some detailed stats click here.

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Name IDF # Nationality Category
A Sabah 178 MY MY Skateboard
A.J Cheng 4527 TW TW Skateboard
Aaron Alejandro 5446 US US Skateboard
Aaron Breetwor 43 US US Skateboard
Aaron Hampshire 1462 US US Skateboard
Aaron Ketner 1017 CA CA Industry
Aaron Libby 1772 CA CA Skateboard
Aaron Lock 1011 CA CA Skateboard
Aaron Rankin 624 CA CA Skateboard
Aaron Thomas 3711 CA CA Skateboard
Aaron Westbrook 1988 US US Luge
Aaron Wilhelm 2335 DE DE Skateboard
Abdil Mahdzan 485 MY MY Luge
Abel Menessy 1148 SE SE Skateboard
Abigail Viloria 3402 PH PH Skateboard
Abraão Barbosa 2584 BR BR Skateboard
Adam Árendá_ 904 SK SK Skateboard
Adam Bornstein 420 US US Skateboard
Adam Dabonka 2470 US US Skateboard
Adam Gates 3370 US US Skateboard
Adam Hill 1183 AU AU Skateboard
Adam Klima 171 CZ CZ Skateboard
Adam Lewis 4872 AU AU Skateboard
Adam Muller 871 CZ CZ Skateboard
Adam Persson 133 SE SE Skateboard
Adam Smart 1306 CA CA Skateboard
Adam Suchomel 1035 CZ CZ Skateboard
Adam Westfall 4816 US US Skateboard
Adam Yates 687 AU AU Skateboard
Adrian Adams 1822 DE DE Skateboard
Adrian Cole 4578 US US Skateboard
Adrian Garcia Rodriguez 1442 ES ES Skateboard
Adrian Jancey 1168 NO NO Skateboard
Adrian Lupascu 4897 RO RO Skateboard
Adrian Persson 2360 SE SE Skateboard
Adrian Potter 1443 GB GB Luge
Adrian Schlotter 2189 DE DE Skateboard
Adrian Tellez 2131 CO CO Skateboard
Adrian Vanoni 3902 US US Skateboard
Adrian Wersching 1821 DE DE Skateboard
Adriano Bertelli 4103 AR AR Skateboard
Adriano Silveira 284 BR BR Skateboard
Adrien Duchâtel 5296 FR FR Skateboard
Adrien Fraisse 2126 FR FR Skateboard
Adrien Paynel 5217 US US Skateboard
Aengus Stewart 1950 IE IE Skateboard
Agustin Occhiuzzo 3368 AR AR Skateboard
Aidan Lynds 678 CA CA Skateboard
Aiden Knudsen 3052 US US Skateboard
Aidian O'Leyne 433 US US Skateboard
Aimar Brandon 2848 PE PE Skateboard
Air Uncle 4563 CN CN Skateboard
Aj Cox 3096 NZ NZ Skateboard
Aj Lemieux 1933 CA CA Skateboard
Alastair Sanders 4407 AU AU Skateboard
Albert Dang 4894 CA CA Skateboard
Albin Brunasso 1366 SE SE Skateboard
Albin Larsson 63 SE SE Skateboard
Albin Printz 2354 SE SE Skateboard
Albis Daniel Gómez Guevara 4680 PA PA Events
Albrecht Bloße 4405 DE DE Skateboard
Alcino Pires Major 2414 PT PT Luge
Alden Gwinn 3026 US US Luge
Alejandro Arbelaez 4870 CO CO Skateboard
Alejandro Castro 744 CO CO Skateboard
Alejandro Fresneda Velasquez 1657 CO CO Skateboard
Alejandro Ramon 2161 MX MX Skateboard
Alex Adams 3234 US US Skateboard
Alex Amano 821 CA CA Skateboard
Alex Charleson 986 CA CA Skateboard
Alex Clark 3450 GB GB Skateboard
Alex Fishburn 751 US US Skateboard
Alex Jimenez 4682 CR CR Skateboard
Alex Knight 187 NZ NZ Skateboard
Alex Parent 3277 CA CA Skateboard
Alex Parfitt 308 GB GB Skateboard
Alex Rodrigues 3002 BR BR Skateboard
Alex Sucala 2554 US US Skateboard
Alex Van Berkel 3306 CA CA Skateboard
Alex Young 3067 AU AU Skateboard
Alexander Cedeno 5133 EC EC Skateboard
Alexander Diaz Ortega 1732 PR PR Skateboard
Alexander Horthe 314 NO NO Skateboard
Alexander Pakin 1160 RU RU Skateboard
Alexander Rivera 1709 PR PR Skateboard
Alexander Roca 4156 PE PE Skateboard
Alexander Taylor 1893 CA CA Skateboard
Alexander Tobrand 2042 SE SE Skateboard
Alexander Vasilyev 4840 RU RU Skateboard
Alexander Weijnman 141 CH CH Skateboard
Alexandra Aguilar 1554 PE PE Skateboard
Alexandra Bailey 3449 SE SE Skateboard
Alexandre Brines 1190 ES ES Skateboard
Alexandre Cerri Machado 1473 BR BR Luge
Alexandre Cesar 1557 BR BR Skateboard
Alexandre Lebrun 139 FR FR Events
Alexandre Lemieux 3610 CA CA Skateboard
Alexandre Markiewicz 2374 FR FR Skateboard
Alexandros Tzouganakis 4842 FR FR Skateboard
Alexis Fernandez 534 PH PH Skateboard
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