This list shows all of the riders who have an IDF number, active and inactive. Click a flag to see all members with that nationality. For some detailed stats click here.

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Name IDF # Nationality Category
Piotr Duma 4953 PL PL Skateboard
Qing Yunhui 4535 CN CN Skateboard
Quin Finocchio 75 CA CA Skateboard
Quinn Dubois 128 CA CA Skateboard
Quirin Ilmer 870 AT AT Skateboard
Rachel Rayne 665 US US Skateboard
Radek Lukes 157 CZ CZ Skateboard
Rafael Fazano 1728 ES ES Luge
Rafael Manfrinato 4128 BR BR Luge
Rafal Czuber 1320 PL PL Skateboard
Rafal de Campos Dobner 4704 BR BR Skateboard
Raiheui Nollemberger 2119 FR FR Skateboard
Ralfs Jānis Gailītis 5267 LV LV Skateboard
Ramallo Augusto 3660 AR AR Luge
Rami Rahman 3493 SE SE Skateboard
Ramon Pejo 5173 PH PH Luge
Ramón Santamaría Iborra 4643 ES ES Skateboard
Randy Hanford 4638 US US Skateboard
Raoul Van Den Berg 2909 ZA ZA Skateboard
Raphael Harada 2575 PE PE Skateboard
Rasmus Stegemyr 2017 SE SE Skateboard
Raul Alejandro 2203 MX MX Skateboard
Raul Babih 2096 RO RO Skateboard
Raul Pereyra 4173 AR AR Skateboard
Raul Rodriguez Alcaide 3413 ES ES Luge
Raymond Nusbaum 367 US US Industry
Raymundo Chavarria Martinez 1425 MX MX Skateboard
Rebekka Gemperle 1216 CH CH Skateboard
Reinhold Uhrner 2028 DE DE Skateboard
Remy Sneek 3405 NL NL Skateboard
Renan Lage 1671 BR BR Skateboard
Renato Cruces 4152 PE PE Luge
Renato Reche 1698 BR BR Skateboard
Rene Garcia 3950 CL CL Skateboard
René Hammann 5388 DE DE Luge
Renzo Ruidias 1581 PE PE Skateboard
Reuben Helfenbaum 669 AU AU Skateboard
Rheuben Trotter 1871 US US Skateboard
Ricardo Capdeville 1526 BR BR Skateboard
Ricardo Koichi Garcia Oliveros 2168 MX MX Skateboard
Ricardo Reis 817 BR BR Skateboard
Riccardo Aldinucci 3032 IT IT Luge
Riccardo Avallone 4632 IT IT Skateboard
Richard Allen 1906 US US Skateboard
Richard Chang 1491 US US Skateboard
Richard Dweza 2986 ZA ZA Skateboard
Richard Faria 4182 BR BR Skateboard
Richard Gibello 1791 ZA ZA Skateboard
Richard Sanchez 1401 CO CO Skateboard
Richard Shoaff 4587 US US Luge
Richard Weissenbeck 301 AU AU Skateboard
Ricki Allardice 2782 ZA ZA Skateboard
Riley Irvine 730 US US Skateboard
Riley Young 4324 AU AU Skateboard
Rj Ancot 2007 PH PH Skateboard
Roar Fønseth 404 NO NO Skateboard
Robert Borek 2044 GB GB Skateboard
Robert Fischle 2294 DE DE Skateboard
Robert Flandro 615 US US Luge
Robert Moore 5436 US US Skateboard
Robert Rodrigues 2658 BR BR Skateboard
Roberto Elias Leiva Rengifo 5095 PE PE Luge
Roberto Marasca 2113 IT IT Skateboard
Roberto Ramírez Guadamuz 4685 CR CR Skateboard
Robin Bergman 1110 SE SE Skateboard
Robin Moodley 2999 ZA ZA Skateboard
Rockwell Tegoseak 5444 US US Skateboard
Rodolfo Busto Fallas 4697 CR CR Skateboard
Rodrigo Alexandrino 4135 BR BR Skateboard
Rodrigo Alvarenga 3023 PY PY Skateboard
Rodrigo D'Avila Pereira Kemmer 2041 PT PT Skateboard
Rodrigo Dutra 4255 AR AR Skateboard
Rodrigo Montemezzo 2595 BR BR Skateboard
Rodrigo Reyes 4752 CR CR Skateboard
Rodrigo Rocha 4235 BR BR Luge
Rodrigo Zuzunaga 1505 PE PE Skateboard
Roger Barakat 1845 BR BR Skateboard
Roger Jones 575 US US Skateboard
Roh Jinyeop 4443 KR KR Skateboard
Roland Trachsel 1061 CH CH Skateboard
Rolando Davila 210 US US Skateboard
Roman Tschofen 4466 AT AT Skateboard
Romina Bessone 4219 AR AR Skateboard
Romulo Cruz 2698 BR BR Skateboard
Ronald Bohorquez 3946 PE PE Skateboard
Ronan Herve Du Penhoat 2220 FR FR Skateboard
Ronnie Iversson 3754 US US Skateboard
Ros Firdaus Roszali 215 SG SG Skateboard
Rosanne Escalante 1943 PH PH Skateboard
Rossi Gianfranco 1677 VE VE Skateboard
Roswald Palacol 3279 PH PH Skateboard
Rosy Vega 307 MX MX Skateboard
Roy Balbin 4155 PE PE Skateboard
Roy Balvin Sierra 2841 PE PE Skateboard
Roy Churchland 3188 AU AU Skateboard
Roy Wolff 4477 US US Skateboard
Ruben Gomez 1708 PR PR Events
Ruben Schray 426 DE DE Skateboard
Rupak Rajbanshi 2407 NP NP Skateboard
Ryan Farmer 3246 US US Luge
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