This list shows all of the riders who have an IDF number, active and inactive. Click a flag to see all members with that nationality. For some detailed stats click here.

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Name IDF # Nationality Category
Alf Marvin Almeda 5172 PH PH Skateboard
Alfred Cano Rivas 395 ES ES Skateboard
Alfredo Boulton 5271 VE VE Skateboard
Ali Nas 1249 NO NO Skateboard
Alice Bonnet des Tuves 4584 FR FR Skateboard
Alicia Fillback 630 US US Skateboard
Aline Ferro 4274 BR BR Skateboard
Allison 朱 4560 TW TW Skateboard
Althea Kitz Gopez 1958 PH PH Skateboard
Alvaro Loli Romero 4063 PE PE Skateboard
Alysson Garcia 737 BR BR Skateboard
Amanda Caloia 2193 US US Skateboard
Amanda Hartmann 4672 BR BR Skateboard
Amélie Castain 5393 FR FR Skateboard
Amith sai Dasari 5243 IN IN Skateboard
Amy Brendon 1088 CA CA Skateboard
Anahi Rossel Herz 1521 PE PE Skateboard
Anastasiia Akenteva 4566 RU RU Skateboard
Anders Taube 2330 SE SE Skateboard
Anderson Maldonato 1031 CO CO Skateboard
Andor Kopasz 5443 HU HU Skateboard
Andre Freitas Gibram Silva 2910 BR BR Skateboard
Andre Leonardo Preto 4714 BR BR Skateboard
Andre Olmedo Talavera 4958 PY PY Skateboard
André Roux 3667 ZA ZA Skateboard
Andrea Caselli 2060 FR FR Skateboard
Andrea Moreni 2338 IT IT Skateboard
Andreas Waal 1292 NO NO Skateboard
Andrei Vettorazzi da Silva 4709 BR BR Skateboard
Andrej Frelin 1357 SE SE Skateboard
Andres Alvis 1004 CO CO Skateboard
Andres Felipe Lopez Marin 1653 CO CO Skateboard
Andres Privitera 1118 AR AR Skateboard
Andrés Sánchez Vélez 1026 CO CO Skateboard
Andres Zarate 1631 CO CO Skateboard
Andrew Atchison 4970 US US Skateboard
Andrew Day 2515 US US Skateboard
Andrew Dunaenko 1290 CA CA Skateboard
Andrew Flanagan 4614 CA CA Skateboard
Andrew Fuller 778 US US Skateboard
Andrew Louw 3110 DK DK Skateboard
Andrew Maldonado 3359 US US Skateboard
Andrew Theobald 634 GB GB Skateboard
Andrew Tucker 3245 US US Skateboard
Andrew Young 2457 US US Skateboard
Andy Lally 1771 US US Luge
Andy McIntosh 4432 NZ NZ Skateboard
Angel De Leon Uribe 1404 MX MX Skateboard
Angel Emmanuel 3953 PA PA Skateboard
Angelo Galan 2672 EC EC Skateboard
Angie Duque 4019 CO CO Skateboard
Angus Burns 2960 ZA ZA Skateboard
Anna Espejo Jover 1262 ES ES Skateboard
Anna Pixner 2301 AT AT Skateboard
Annina Brühwiler 4873 CH CH Skateboard
Anthony Cruz 4150 PE PE Skateboard
Anton Lindén 3069 SE SE Skateboard
Anton Pratt 2995 ZA ZA Skateboard
Antonio Aparicio Akcharov 2053 ES ES Skateboard
Antonio Madariaga 2248 US US Skateboard
Antonio Mojica 1724 PR PR Skateboard
Antonio Moscatelli Junior 1797 BR BR Skateboard
Antonio Zamora 2606 CR CR Skateboard
Api Ihaia 457 NZ NZ Skateboard
Areum Jung 4447 KR KR Skateboard
Ari Glixman 1402 US US Skateboard
Aris Muitinieks 1243 LV LV Skateboard
Arkadiusz Kowalski 229 PL PL Skateboard
Armando Ramos Hernández 1713 PR PR Skateboard
Arnold Brandon 2768 PE PE Skateboard
Aron Rivera 4154 PE PE Skateboard
Aron Rovers 4648 NL NL Skateboard
Arthur Boeing Da Silva 2741 BR BR Skateboard
Arthur Camargo Guimarães 1454 BR BR Skateboard
Arthur Mikai Junqueira de oliveira 4865 BR BR Skateboard
Arthur Pacifici 1596 BR BR Skateboard
Arthur Schmidt 503 DE DE Skateboard
Artiom Missiri 1977 CH CH Skateboard
Artur leal Casato 4722 BR BR Skateboard
Arturo Linares 1587 PE PE Skateboard
Arturo Rodriguez 3623 CR CR Skateboard
Ashley Donaldson 269 AU AU Skateboard
Ashley Dyason 4415 AU AU Skateboard
Attila Hery 3015 ZA ZA Skateboard
Audun Guneriussen 1384 NO NO Skateboard
Augusto Garcia 1507 PE PE Skateboard
Austin Blaha 1338 US US Skateboard
Austin Burr 3770 US US Skateboard
Austin Pedroni 5092 US US Skateboard
Austin Werle 1302 US US Skateboard
Avery Wilcox 1707 US US Skateboard
Axel Serrat 936 ES ES Skateboard
Ayden Sabbagh 1942 CA CA Skateboard
Ayoze Martin Perez 4980 ES ES Skateboard
Azzurra Felici 4631 IT IT Skateboard
Bambang Sutrisno 4500 SG SG Luge
Banning Lyth 5378 US US Skateboard
Barney Ward 1839 IE IE Skateboard
Barrales Geronimo 3892 CA CA Skateboard
Barthelemy Rigaud 5233 FR FR Skateboard
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