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Name Date Country Type
Newton's 5/4 Australia WC
Tame the Taipan 12/4 Australia WQS
Seaside 22/4 Philippines WQS
Keeping It High 25/4 Philippines WQS
Gravity Fest 1/6 United States WQS
Killington 14/6 United States WC
Verdicchio Race 10/7 Italy WQS
Kozakov Challenge 17/7 Czech Republic WC
Transylvania DH 26/7 Romania WC
La Virgen 2/8 Colombia WQS
La Leonera DH 9/8 Colombia WC
La Violenta 23/8 Argentina WQS
Tour de Maryhill 30/8 United States WQS
Yaku Raymi 13/9 Peru WQS
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