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Name Date Country Type
Newton's Nation 3/5 Australia WC
Vernon DH 9 8/6 Canada WQS
Angie's Curves 21/6 United States WC
Maryhill Festival of Speed 26/6 United States WC
Whistler Longboard Festival 4/7 Canada WC
TMI Grefsenkollen 5/7 Norway WQS
Monterreal Longboard Fest 10/7 Mexico WQS
Kozakov Challenge 24/7 Czech Republic WC
Grim Mountain 31/7 Czech Republic WQS
Peyragudes Never Dies 8/8 France WC
BoPeep Crash ‘n Burn 23/8 United Kingdom WQS
Pikes Peak Downhill 7/9 United States WC
Desafio de los Andes 26/9 Peru WQS
Morro Solar 3/10 Peru WQS
Festival de la Bajada 12/10 Colombia WC
Mega Grand Prix 24/10 Brazil WC
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