Lago Cerrillo Downhill 7/2 t.b.a. Puerto Rico WQS
Ruapehu Gravity Festival 6/3 t.b.a. New Zealand WQS
Veggie Hill 11/4 t.b.a. Philippines WQS
Mesa de las Tablas Longboard Fest 28/5 t.b.a. Mexico WQS
Downhill Throwdown 6/6 t.b.a. United States WQS
Push Culture Family Picnic 11/6 t.b.a. United States WQS
Maryhill Festival of Speed 24/6 t.b.a. United States WC
Salzadella Race 3/7 t.b.a. Spain WQS
TMI Lilyhammer 10/7 t.b.a. Norway WC
Kozakov Challenge 21/7 t.b.a. Czech Republic WC
Gravity Fest X 31/7 t.b.a. United States WQS
Verdicchio 5/8 t.b.a. Italy WQS
ACME Extreme Downhill 4/9 t.b.a. United States WQS
Pikes Peak Downhill 12/9 t.b.a. United States WC
Whistler Longboard Festival 18/9 t.b.a. Canada WC
Lomalinda DH 3/10 t.b.a. Colombia WQS
Festival de la Bajada 10/10 t.b.a. Colombia WC
Valle del Downhill 16/10 t.b.a. Peru WQS
7 Curves 23/10 t.b.a. Brazil WC
Mega Grand Prix 30/10 t.b.a. Brazil WC
La Violenta 5/11 t.b.a. Argentina WQS


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Times are UTC +2
t.b.a. = to be announced
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