Name Start Rego Country
Keeping It High - Seaside 18/04 Open Philippines
Keeping It High - Moon Rock 23/04 Open Philippines
Transylvania DH 6/07 Open Romania
King's Gate 12/07 Open Austria
Sanki 10/08 Open Russia
Mt. Jefferson 24/08 23/2 @ 22:00 United States
Velefique 6/09 t.b.a. Spain
Gravity Fest 15/09 Open United States
La Leonera DH 13/10 Open Colombia
Membrillal Cuesta Abajo 19/10 t.b.a. Ecuador
Rey De La Montaña 26/10 Open Peru


Dates are in European format: day/month.
Times are UTC +1
t.b.a. = to be announced
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