Vermont- well known for its vast green mountains, plentiful supply of maple syrup, fashionable flannel button ups, and the fastest race on the IDF circuit. Last weekend’s Killington World Cup completed the North American circuit and, being late in the season, finalized some overall standings in the rankings that are quite notable.



From Saturday’s qualifying it was evident that race day would yield some tight heats and by the first round we saw a number of names stacked up and racing together. Despite the track being relatively long and fast, the caliber of top level racers made the distance between riders minimal during racing. The ‘tetanus left’ corner at the bottom of the fast straight is relatively wide making for opportunity to take different lines but avoiding collision is essential. The position that you hold exiting the corner is a key indicator to where you’re going to cross the finish line.

In the final we saw Thiago Lessa (BR), Oscar Rodriguez (SP), Daina Banks (US), and Justin Rolo (US). Oscar, the Spanish surprise, ended up not being much of a surprise at all and held true to this #1 qualifying time the previous day.

In the later heats we saw Thiago stick a 2nd or 3rd position in the heat until the straight where he would take a double draft and gain enough speed to lead the pack. This strategy worked well and helped him take the win on race day. This win is Thiago's 2nd victory at Killington and also marks his securing of the WORLD CHAMPION title. Congratulations Thiago.

Thiago’s victory wasn’t the only notable result we saw this past weekend. After the points updates we saw the following achievements.

Thiago Lessa #1 Open World Champion

Emily Pross #1 Women World Champion

Daina Banks #1 North American Continental Champion (Skateboard)

Kolby Parks #1 North American Continental Champion (Luge)


Open Results:

  1. Thiago Gomes Lessa
  2. Oscar Rodriguez Esc
  3. Daina Banks
  4. Justin Rouleau

Luge Results:

  1. Kolby Parks
  2. Frank Williams
  3. Tim Koch
  4. Yan Triponez

Women Results

  1. Emily Pross
  2. Cassandra Duchesne
  3. Giulia Bottazzin


Junior Results:

  1. Nicholas Broms
  2. Matthew Antrum
  3. Cole Trotta
    1. Khaleeq_Killington22

      Masters Results:

      1. Nicolas Desmarais
      2. John Fletcher

      Although this past race finalized certain top results in the rankings, there is still opportunity for movement in Top 5 Open and a Luge World Champion. The tour now moves to South America for La Leonera DH in Colombia, Membrillal Cuesta Abajo in Ecuador, Yaku Raymi and Rey De La Montana in Peru, and Vista Rio DH in Brazil. Follow the action at @idfracing.

      Photos by: Khaleeq Alfred

      Mentioned riders

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