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Newton's World Cup

Newton's is back for the first World Cup of 2018 and will once again set the season on fire. The Mt. Panorama race track is the only race track on the world tour that is specifically designed for racing. The Australian Skateboard Racing Association (ASRA) headed by James Hopkins will be organizing this World Cup with help from Bathurst local James Thompson.

Keeping It High 2018 - Seaside & Moon Rock

The Philippines will be host country for both World Qualifying Series races in the Asia Pacific region. Luzon Skateboard Racing will share the stoke at Keeping It High for the third year in a row. The Seaside race track is home to the "Oh-mega" turn that switches your view from the mountains to a seascape while rolling at 98kph. The starting line is in the mountains and the finish line is a short walk to the sea shore.

After Seaside is a new track that has just been repaved with fresh butter asphalt. The race track is called "Moon Rock" and is less than 10 minutes from the Seaside finish line.

Arirang Hill Fest World Cup
Arirang Hill Fest World Cup

The last race of the Asia Pacific tour is the World Cup hosted in South Korea. Arirang Hill Fest, led by INCREDIPLE, was a WQS last year but the all-round excellence of that event has led it to be upgraded to a World cup this season. This is probably the most technical track of the 2018 world tour, and will be heavily supported by the South Korean government. With the winter Olympics just barely ending it will be a trip you can't afford to miss.

Don't forget the Early Bird deadlines for this events:

All together in Arirang hill
All together in Arirang hill
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