Arirang Hill 2018

Event info

Dates04/05 - 06/05/18
City/CountryJeongSeon-gun, South Korea
TypeWorld Cup
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Registration info

Registration feeUSD 180.00
Rider limit150

Track info

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Rider list

#NameNat.Nat.Category 1Category 2
1.Megara HsuTWWomen 
2.Yao-Kuo ChenTWOpen skateboard 
3.Kaila Dasol JungKROpen skateboardWomen
4.Nic McKirdyAULuge 
5.Mitch ThompsonAUOpen skateboard 
6.Chris McBrideUSLuge 
7.Nori TamuraJPOpen skateboard 
8.Dennis AndradoAULuge 
9.Abdil MahdzanMYLuge 
10.Aron LuTWOpen skateboardMasters
11.Victor Hyungkwon HaKRMasters 
12.Allison CHUTWOpen skateboard 
13.Frank WilliamsUSLuge 
14.Chase HillerUSOpen skateboard 
15.Shane MacDougallCALuge 
16.Sylvia Mena CortésCRWomen 
17.Dina MissDEOpen skateboardWomen
18.Cornelius KaupDEOpen skateboardMasters
19.Sebastian VorhoelterDEOpen skateboard 
20.Aleix GallimoESOpen skateboard 
21.Emily ProssUSOpen skateboardWomen
22.Kolby ParksCALuge 
23.Mark MeidingerUSOpen skateboard 
24.Wei-Ze ChenTWLuge 
25.SIYU ZHAOCNOpen skateboard 
26.Yukuan TsaiTWOpen skateboard 
27.Harry ClarkeAUOpen skateboard 
28.Daniel EngelUSOpen skateboardLuge
29.Chih-An LinTWOpen skateboard 
30.Nelson ChengTWOpen skateboard 
31.Yao Kuang YehTWOpen skateboard 
32.Shi Jie LinTWOpen skateboard 
33.Carlos PaixãoBROpen skateboard 
34.Wei SheCNOpen skateboard 
35.Brennan BastAUOpen skateboard 
36.Kalil HammouriUSOpen skateboard 
37.Josh EvansAUOpen skateboard 
38.Douglas SilvaBRMasters 
39.Lucas PoulainFROpen skateboard 
40.Jennifer SchauerteDEOpen skateboard 
41.Riley HarrisCAOpen skateboard 
42.Kyle WesterUSOpen skateboard 
43.Tiago MohrBROpen skateboard 
44.Jennifer ButlerUSLuge 
45.Eden McdonoghAUOpen skateboard 
46.Marie B.WesterFROpen skateboardWomen
47.Arcadio MaquilingPHOpen skateboard 
48.Will StephensonGBLuge 
49.Anna PixnerATWomen 
50.Nargae KangKROpen skateboardLuge
51.Sungji AhnKROpen skateboard 
52.Nick D'BkUSOpen skateboard 
53.Tim WhiteAUOpen skateboard 
54.Mack GeddesAUOpen skateboard 
55.Alex LazarisUSOpen skateboard 
56.Andrew AtchisonUSOpen skateboard 
57.Light LiuTWOpen skateboard 
58.Sabrina AmbrosiAROpen skateboardWomen
59.Daina BanksUSOpen skateboard 
60.Elissa MahNZOpen skateboardWomen
61.Dayeon WeeKRWomen 
62.Mason ShinUSJuniors 
63.Rachel BruskoffUSOpen skateboardWomenLuge
64.Lyde BegueFRWomen 
65.Jaydon HowarthAUOpen skateboard 
66.yaoting HoTWOpen skateboardLuge
67.Jordan HallAUOpen skateboard 
68.Jackson ShapieraAUOpen skateboard 
69.ju ho yangKRLuge 
70.Joao Pedro LaporteBROpen skateboard 
71.Graham BrittainAULuge 
72.Lee JungwooKROpen skateboard 
73.Calvin StaubUSOpen skateboard 
74.Jyun-wei FanTWOpen skateboardMasters
75.Wing Tsun Thomas NgHKOpen skateboard 
76.Justin RouleauUSOpen skateboard 
77.Zak MaytumUSOpen skateboard 
78.Tan DaijianCNOpen skateboard 
79.Han Li ChiouTWOpen skateboard 
80.Sunghoon ChoiCAOpen skateboard 
81.Jzann Wei TangTWOpen skateboard 
82.Kyung Hun KimKRMasters 
83.Yun Wook JungKROpen skateboard 
84.Ian YuKRLuge 
85.Zhizhen RenCNOpen skateboard 
86.Devlyn DorferCAOpen skateboard 
87.Tristan CardilloCHOpen skateboard 
88.Ryan FarmerUSLuge 
89.Diego PonceletESOpen skateboard 
90.Santiago EspecheAROpen skateboard 
91.Morgan OwensUSOpen skateboard 
92.Adam WestfallUSOpen skateboard 

Riders p/nationality

  • US - 21
  • TW - 15
  • AU - 13
  • KR - 10
  • CA - 5
  • DE - 4
  • BR - 4
  • CN - 4
  • FR - 3
  • ES - 2
  • AR - 2
  • PH - 1
  • CH - 1
  • AT - 1
  • NZ - 1
  • CR - 1
  • GB - 1
  • HK - 1
  • JP - 1
  • MY - 1

Riders p/category

  • Open skateboard - 69
  • Luge - 18
  • Women - 12
  • Masters - 6
  • Juniors - 1

There are riders from 20 different nationalities attending this event.

Race brackets

Athletes can stay in hotels, guest houses, or camp.

  • Hotels and guest houses can booked through the Arirang Hill website
  • All hotel and guest house options are nearby (walking distance) from the campsite.
  • The campsite address is 539, Hwaam-myeon, JeongSeon-gun, GangWon-Do, S.Korea (강원도 정선군 화암면 화암동굴길 12-24)
  • Camping is free and requires no booking.
  • No camping equipment is provided.