Transylvania DH 2018

Event info

Dates06/07 - 08/07/18
City/CountryVulcan, Romania
TypeWorld Qualifying Series
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Registration info

Registration feeEUR 135.00
Rider limit120

Track info

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Transylvania 2018 Details

The DEVAstation Longboard Crew (DLC) are preparing the first ever IDF-sanctioned event in Romania. It’s on one of the steepest tracks in the IDF circuit.


It’s a place named “Pasul Vucan”, which is a mountain pass in Hunedoara County, in the Jiu Valley, Romania. The closest city is Vulcan, named after the pass.

The Track

Descending from 1621m altitude, the 3 km track has smooth asphalt and offers breathtaking views over the valley. Safety is taken care of with haybales, impact mattresses and nets.

Parts of the track are seriously fast, with hairpins followed by fast kinks. Total challenge and excitement.

The Gondola

After each run riders will travel back to the start line by gondola, allowing non-stop riding and endless amounts of stoke.


DLC are creating a camping area next to the gondola. It will include toilets, showers, a bar with cheap drinks and snacks, traditional Romanian food, shops and workshops, a slackline, balance boards, a mini-ramp and more.

The event will close with a crazy party and we’ll be dancing till sunrise with select DJ’s from Romania.

More info and details can be found on the Facebook event page and the official website.

Transylvania 2018 Track Map


Enjoy the full run with Léa Richard hitting 107 km/h on the new IDF track – PASUL VULCAN !More info about the 2018 World Qualification Series on Pasul Vulcan on the event page : DEVAstation Longboard Crew

Geplaatst door Transylvania Downhill op donderdag 18 januari 2018

Transylvania 2018 After Party
Transylvania 2018 After Party

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Rider list

#NameNat.Nat.Category 1Category 2
1.Vincent BapstCHOpen skateboard 
2.Daniel EngelUSOpen skateboard 
3.Léa RichardFROpen skateboardWomen
4.Olivier GerlingFRLugeMasters
5.Stefan StrungaruROOpen skateboardJuniors
6.Jan BrebeckDEOpen skateboard 
7.David StreiblDEOpen skateboard 
8.Morgan OwensUSOpen skateboard 
9.Menelik RimondiFROpen skateboard 
10.Dragos ManescuROLuge 
11.Victor Van AudenrodeBEOpen skateboard 
12.Dale SmithAUOpen skateboard 
13.Guido CipollaITOpen skateboard 
14.Helene FolliardFROpen skateboardWomen
15.Lucas PoulainFROpen skateboard 
16.Lyde BegueFROpen skateboardWomen
17.andrea morelliniITLuge 
18.Riccardo AldinucciITLuge 
19.Marcus AldinucciITOpen skateboard 
20.Garret SmithUSOpen skateboard 
21.Luis GarciaESOpen skateboardMasters
22.Paul JeantetFROpen skateboard 
23.Enric UmbertESOpen skateboard 
24.Mikel Echegaray DiezESLuge 
25.Josh EvansAUOpen skateboard 
26.Andrej IličCZLuge 
27.Joey OldenZAOpen skateboard 
28.Nicolas RaynerAUOpen skateboard 
29.Max HeatonAUOpen skateboard 
30.Luis MogrovejoPELuge 
31.Konstantin WeiglATLuge 
32.Andrea MoreniITOpen skateboard 
33.Stefano BarbizziITOpen skateboard 
34.Alessio DamatoITOpen skateboard 
35.Mack GeddesAUOpen skateboard 
36.Michaël PellicerFRMasters 
37.Ayoze Martin PerezESOpen skateboard 
38.Arkadiusz KowalskiPLOpen skateboard 
39.Marc EscodaESOpen skateboard 
40.Raul Perez GallegoESOpen skateboardMasters
41.Alfred Cano RivasESOpen skateboard 
42.Martí FontESOpen skateboard 
43.Patrick WalkerAUOpen skateboard 
44.Julien FouchardFRLuge 
45.Parker SchmidtUSOpen skateboard 
46.Alex CharlesonCAOpen skateboard 
47.Jan Martin von BergenCHOpen skateboard 
48.Gaetan RicordFROpen skateboard 
49.Giloume van der WaltZAOpen skateboard 
50.Kavon ZamanianUSOpen skateboard 
51.Damian Derek Blanquer GelezESOpen skateboardMasters
52.Patrick LombardiITOpen skateboard 
53.Henco Petrus VermeulenZAOpen skateboardJuniors
54.Maxwell RondeauUSOpen skateboard 
55.Daniel MinskyUSOpen skateboard 
56.Jack BrownAUOpen skateboard 
57.Will StephensonGBLuge 
58.Ian FreireBROpen skateboard 
59.Lars TroutwineUSOpen skateboard 
60.Javier Táboas RicoESOpen skateboard 
61.Sabrina AmbrosiAROpen skateboardWomen
62.Sebastian HertlerDEOpen skateboard 
63.Caden CastelliniUSOpen skateboard 
64.Bryce EdwardsUSOpen skateboard 
65.Andrew AtchisonUSOpen skateboard 
66.Eduardo FalcãoBROpen skateboard 
67.Harry ClarkeAUOpen skateboard 
68.Edoardo BarbiITOpen skateboard 
69.Cole TrottaUSOpen skateboardJuniors
70.Vašek ČvančaraCZOpen skateboard 
71.Andreas MangoldDEOpen skateboard 
72.Tim WhiteAUOpen skateboard 
73.Nick GreentreeAUOpen skateboard 
74.Stefan PopaROOpen skateboard 
75.Teresa GillcristUSWomen 
76.Pearse d'ArcyIEOpen skateboard 
77.Lisa PetersNLOpen skateboardWomen
78.Sawyer KulmanUSOpen skateboard 
79.Caleb GrantUSOpen skateboard 
80.Chandler BentonUSOpen skateboard 
81.Kolby ParksCALuge 
82.Jasmijn HanegraefBEWomen 
83.Levi MendozaUSOpen skateboard 
84.Thibaud MaminCHOpen skateboard 
85.Robert StehlíkCZOpen skateboard 
86.Elton VejuxFROpen skateboard 
87.Paul RondeauUSLuge 
88.Bohumil ŠefrnaCZOpen skateboardJuniors
89.Alexandros TzouganakisFROpen skateboard 
90.Mason ShinUSOpen skateboardJuniors

Riders p/nationality

  • US - 19
  • FR - 12
  • ES - 10
  • AU - 10
  • IT - 9
  • CZ - 4
  • DE - 4
  • CH - 3
  • ZA - 3
  • RO - 3
  • BR - 2
  • CA - 2
  • BE - 2
  • PL - 1
  • AT - 1
  • GB - 1
  • AR - 1
  • IE - 1
  • NL - 1
  • PE - 1

Riders p/category

  • Open skateboard - 75
  • Luge - 12
  • Women - 7
  • Masters - 5
  • Juniors - 5

There are riders from 20 different nationalities attending this event.

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