Why did you take $ 30 from my PayPal?

When you joined the IDF, you agreed to an annual recurring membership payment. This means your membership remains active until you decide to cancel, or […]

How do I cancel my membership ?

When you joined the IDF, you agreed to a recurring membership for which you’ll be charged $ 30,- per year. You are free to cancel […]

How do I renew my IDF membership ?

Your membership will be renewed annually, unless you cancel the subscription. If you’re membership is inactive, you can reactivate it from your profile page. Just […]

Where can I find my membership expiry date ?

IDF membership’s are renewed automatically each year. Unless you cancel the recurring payment through PayPal, your account does not expire. If you have cancelled the […]

How do I become an IDF member ?

It’s real simple. Go to this page. Fill out the form. Pay the fee. Login. Update your profile. If you were a paying IDF member […]

Can I get a refund ?

The IDF has 2 types of payment; 1) the annual membership and 2) race registrations. IDF membership fee The IDF membership is a recurring, annual […]