If your profile says you're an inactive member this is most likely because your account was not renewed.

This can be because of 2 reasons:

  1. You cancelled your automatic renewal with Paypal. You can reactivate it as explained here.
  2. Paypal could not retrieve the funds from your Paypal account. Add funds and rewew your membership through your profile page.

If Paypal can't get the funds this can have also several reasons:

  • There were no funds available on your account.
  • You changed your email address.
  • Someone else paid for your renewal and that person cancelled the renewal.

You can fix most of this by going into your account and renew the membership.

If you're sure you did pay but something went wrong, contact us and send us a screenshot of the payment, along with your IDF number, then we'll look into it asap.

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