This is one of the world’s fastest racetracks, but the weather is some of the craziest we’ve ever seen.
Qualification started with a sunny morning, giving everyone some cautious optimism after practice turned rainy yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately the forecast was accurate: midway through the first quali run, the rain began.

The boys in the first left corner. Photo credits: Sven von Schlachta
The boys in the first left corner. Photo credits: Sven von Schlachta

Josh Evans clocked the fastest time on the dry full-length track, but only about half the riders got times before the rain began to fall. In order to have a fair race for all the athletes due to the weather conditions, we decided not count the morning runs. It began pouring rain during the lunch break, and for safety reasons, the finish line was moved about halfway up the track. Fortunately this shorter track is still quite long (about 2km) and an excellent proving ground for the racers.

Josh Evans was fastest in the morning qualifying runs. Photo credits: Duck Vader
Flying into the fast section, on the wet. Photo credits: Sven von Schlachta
Flying through patchy pavement into the fast section. Photo credits: Sven von Schlachta

Qualifications restarted in the afternoon in wet conditions, but the rain subsided and the track dried gradually. Patchy at first, it was mostly dry by sunset. All riders clocked four or five qualification times, with times improving progressively through the afternoon. As riders figured out the track, the leaderboard changed constantly with new names cycling into the top positions.

Will Stephenson steams through the fastest corner of the track. Photo: Duck Vader
The last hairpin of the short track - it's really tight, and requires a big setup slide. Photo credits: Sven von Schlachta

Setting up the new finish line in the rain and fog.

The Aussie Harry Clarke smashed the track on his last run, earning the #1 ranking, followed by Andrew Atchinson from USA in #2. Third place went to the young Yanis Markarian from France, who had led qualifications intermittently since his first run until Harry’s last run..

The finish line right after the last hairpin. Photo: Sven von Schlachta

The complete brackets and qualifying times are posted on the “Results” tab at the following page:

The IDF will stream the semifinals, consis and finals on the IDF Facebook page, with stories posted to the @IDFracing Instagram. The official event hashtag is #TransylvaniaDownhill.

Good luck to all the racers! Race day will be a rainy one.

FINAL DAY RUNNING ORDER - Transylvania Downhill 2018
1) Open Skate Repechage Practice Run
2) Open Skate Repechage Quarter Finals
3) Open Skate Repechage Semi-Finals
4) Open Skate Repechage Consi
5) Open Skate Repechage Final
6) Open Skate Round of 64
7) Dirty 30s Round of 32
8) Open Skate Round of 32
9) Dirty 30s Quarter Finals
10) Luge Quarter Finals
11) Women's Repechage Final
12) Open Skate Quarter Finals
13) Dirty 30s Semi Finals
14) Juniors Semi Finals
15) Women's Semi Finals
16) Luge Semi Finals
17) Open Skate Semi Finals
18) Dirty 30s Consi
19) Dirty 30s Final
20) Masters Final
21) Juniors Consi
22) Juniors Final
23) Women's Consi
24) Women's Final
25) Luge Consi
26) Luge Final
27) Open Skate Consi
28) Open Skate Final

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