At Kozakov Quali Day, the top 59 Open skaters passed straight through to the A-Bracket, giving them reason to party last night and then luxuriate today while the 60th-182nd times had to fight for the remaining 5 A-Bracket spots. The "C-List" - Qualifiers 119-182 - raced first, gunning for the top 5 positions (all 4 Finalists and the Consi winner) to graduate into B-Bracket, which you can view here.

Tight action from the get-go in Bracket B; in Heat 1, Nicolas Dell'oro (IT), Gregoire Schwab (CH), Jaime de Cardenas (ES) and Jack Mulholland (AU) all jockey for position. Photo: Long Yin Chung
Giloume van der Walt (ZA) checks for bogeys on his six. (Heat 13) Photo: Long Yin Chung
Louis-Philippe Dery (CA) sheds speed before Forest Corner; unfortunately his stylish predrift wouldn't spare him getting sliced by .05 seconds. First place (Vincent Bapst, CH) bested Cam Brickenden (CA, 2nd place) by .003, a near dead heat. It was a day full of supremely close finishes. (Heat 18) Photo: Long Yin Chung
Andre "Skizzo" Moreni (IT) tests the limits of how far he can take an inside line while following Jasper D'Haene (BE); Ambroise Trauet (FR) stalks from a distance. (Heat 2) Photo: Long Yin Chung
Kevin Guevara (PE) finds the inside line past Joris Strassburg (CH). Kevin had an exciting journey in B-Bracket, coming first in every heat until the Semi, when everyone crashed. He came back to win the Consi, securing the 64th and final spot in the A-Bracket, and he did it all on 1 set of wheels. (Heat 24) Photo: Duck Vader
Lots of tight heats, crashes and juicy action for the spectator zone. Photo: Duck Vader
Heats tightened progressively throughout the day, with extremely close finishes in the last few heats. Quarterfinal B featured Dale Smith (AU), Caden Castellini (US), Robert Stehlik (CZ) and Mack Geddes (AU) in close formation. Photo: Duck Vader
The consolation final only offered A-List passage to 1 fortunate soul. Jasper D'Haene (BE), Tristan Fort (FR) and Robert Stehlik (CZ) all put in a strong effort, but Peruvian Kevin Guevara solidified his A-List status with 1st place. Photo: Duck Vader

Congratulations to the B-Bracket finalists who advanced to tomorrow's A-Bracket, where they will join the vaunted 59 top qualifiers fresh off their spa day at the water park.


1. Tim White (AU)
2. Fabio Minnig (CH)
3. Caden Castellini (US)
4. Cam Brickenden (CA) 

Today's results, tomorrow's brackets and all qualifying times can all be found at under the "Results" tab.

Final Day Running Order

  1. Luge repechage practice
  2. Open skate finalists practice
  3. ---RIDER UPLIFT---

  4. Luge repechage quarters
  5. Junior skate repechage practice
  6. Womens practice
  7. Open skate finalists practice
  8. ---RIDER UPLIFT---

  9. Luge repechage semis
  10. Open Skate round of 64
  11. Luge finalists practice
  12. Masters skate practice
  13. Junior skate practice
  14. Womens practice
  15. ---RIDER UPLIFT---

  16. Junior skate repechage
  17. Luge repechage consi
  18. Luge repechage final
  19. Women skate round of 32
  20. Open Skate round of 32
  21. Luge finalists practice
  22. Masters skate practice
  23. Junior skate practice
  24. ---RIDER UPLIFT---

  25. Luge quarters
  26. Master skate quarters
  27. Junior skate quarters
  28. Women skate quarters
  29. Open Skate quarter
  30. ---RIDER UPLIFT---

  31. Luge semis
  32. Master skate semis
  33. Junior skate semis
  34. Women skate semis
  35. Open skate semis
  36. ---RIDER UPLIFT---

  37. Luge consi
  38. Luge final
  39. Master skate consi
  40. Master skate final
  41. Junior skate consi
  42. Junior skate final
  43. Women skate consi
  44. Women skate final
  45. Open skate consi
  46. Open skate final
  47. ---PARTY---

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