Summer approaches and the world tour makes a shift over to Europe. For most riders this means one month of traveling around the scheduled events and skating the alps in between- sounds pretty good hey?

This year’s line up of events is no exception and we have a number of new and classic races on the schedule.

Transylvania Downhill (WQS)

The DEVAstation Longboard Crew (DLC) are preparing the first ever IDF-sanctioned event in Romania. It’s on one of the steepest tracks on the IDF world circuit.

Descending from 1621m altitude, the 3km track has smooth asphalt and breathtaking views over the valley. The challenging track is full of several hairpins and high speed kink turns which make it both challenging and exciting.


Enjoy the full run with Léa Richard hitting 107 km/h on the new IDF track - PASUL VULCAN !More info about the 2018 World Qualification Series on Pasul Vulcan on the event page : DEVAstation Longboard Crew

Geplaatst door Transylvania Downhill op Donderdag 18 januari 2018

What makes this event truly unique? Riders will be taking gondola rids from the finish line back to the start line meaning the road can remain closed and non-stop skateboarding. In addition, there will be camping on-site at the hill and an evening party with select DJ’s from Romania.

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Kozakov Challenge (WC)

For its 10th year anniversary the famous Kozakov Challenge returns to the circuit and will not disappoint. The track is 3km of highly technical and smooth road with multiple sections for drifting, tucking, and high speed cornering. From the CGSA organizers: “More skating for everybody and a crazy party guaranteed.

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Verdicchio Race (WC)

The second World Cup of the tour will be hosted in Italy with the Verdicchio Race 2018. The smooth hills surrounded by the mountains and the sea will again set the stage for a fun and technical race. The 2.7 km track has a first section of sweepers followed by a tight and fast hairpin section till the finish line. The Team Flat crew guarantees an awesome skateboarding experience like years past. If you've never joined the Verdicchio Race, you should probably do so this year!

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Sanki (WQS)

New to the circuit is the first world qualifier event occurring in Russia. Home of the 2014 Winter Olympics, the winding road is located on an access hill just off the bobsled track in Sochi, Russia. It will be an exciting event and we are looking forward to having it included in the tour this year.

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Velefique (WQS)

After speaking with the race organizer and evaluating the situation, we have reluctantly taken the decision to remove the Velefique race in Spain from the IDF calendar.

We sincerely apologize to the community for the disruption this decision may cause. Our desire for high standards and a great rider experience necessitated this unfortunate decision.

Ranking points calculation

Due to the schedule changes, we had to review the ranking points calculation as well so for the European Championship will count the best 3 races as all the other continents.

See you all soon in Transylvania! In the meantime, keep riding fast.

Federico Barboni

This post was written by Federico Barboni

Skateboarder since young, I become a streetluger in 2000 and downhill skateboarder in 2007. Verdicchio Race organizer and rep for downhill skateboarding in the Italian Roller Sport Federation FISR. Love to spread smiles.
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