SouthAM Championship: The Peruvian Cordillera Blanca will open the tour 2017

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After South Korea’s super fast and technical race at Arirang Hill, the Ring of Fire 2017 finishes on a high note and the IDF World Tour moves to the warm and wild hills of America del Sur for the SouthAM Championship.


YAKU RAYMI - Perú - 26/28 May

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Haykuykuy (welcome). The first event starts in less than two weeks in the world’s longest Mountain range, Los Andes del Perú. Yaku Raimi (which is Quechua for Water Fest) will be hold in the Huascaran National Park, home to Andean Condors, Jaguars and Peru's tallest mountain: El Nevado de Huascaran.

This year’s event is organised by the crew of DH Media who has been organising events in Peru for the last 5 years, this time with a massive support of the local authorities. DH Media has selected the bottom part of this huge hill that runs with multiple bends from very high altitude. The road looks very technical, picturesque and fast. The Peruvian downhill family is ready to receive all the international riders and get ready to race for the Incan Gold. If you haven’t registered, click this link and be ready to fly down these fast bends that once James Kelly and Peruvian mates made it famous after a Kia Ad Video. Allin purina to all of you!

Zulema Lee and Alvaro Garcia photo by Andes Crew Peru

APAC Championship - Brazil - 9/11 June

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Two weeks after touring the land of the Incas, the tour moves to the warm land of Brazil, home of 2 years world champion Carlos Paixao. APAC Championship IDF World Cup is located in Nova Lima and will be the unique World Cup for the South American Tour and the second one of the World Championship tour.

2015 and 2016 World Champion Carlos Paixao

The Brazilian crew is ready to race  and show why they are well known as the riders mais rápidos do mundo! The APAC tracks looks flowy and super fast with a final technical bend at the end of the course. All riders will be accomodated 500 meters from the spot on a gorgeous park, with a great skatepark. Brazil is well known for their athletes and for the support given from the government to skateboarding as is a popular sport in the country. We are excited about APAC and look forward to witnessing the progress and development of Downhill Skateboarding in the Brazilian Scene. Bon Drop!

Max Ballesteros Raw Run video

LA LEONERA DH - Colombia - 17/18 June

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A week after APAC the tour moves to the last event of South America, to the land of the Vallunos: La Leonera, which is 40 minutes away in the beautiful green valley outside the city of Cali. The Leonera DH race track looks super fun, fast and technical. It also has major support from the local authorities in the area: the Secretaria de Deporte de Cali along with event organizer Teo Mejia, will hold their race for a third year in a row as a stop on the world cup tour


The Colombian scene have been growing and booming, multiple local races are happening all the time around the country. Local riders are ready to show their talent and speed and take as many victories as they can. Make sure you rego here and close the South American tour with some Salsa moves after this promising event.