The IDF carrier pigeons have returned from across the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean with rock-solid dates to kick off the first leg of the 2017 IDF World Tour. There are five big events, and some mind-blowing new locations as well as the return of some iconic tracks.

We are very excited to announce that this first quarter of 2017 will start with 5 big events in new mind blowing locations as well in some iconic race tracks that return back to our racing leg.

New Zealand

The season kicks off with Ruapehu Gravity Festival WQS at the famous Mt Ruapehu in New Zealand. Mt Ruapehu has some great history as part of the IDF racing tour, it has been the track where many of our world's best riders have battled intensively down this bendy, smooth and accelerating track.  

Dates: February 3-5

Max Ballesteros, Josh Evans and Emily Pross and Callum Mathieson
Max Ballesteros,Josh Evans, Emily Pross and Callum Mathieson in the quarter finals - Pic: Mt Ruapehu, Whakapapa & Turoa Ski Areas


Two weeks later is the most keenly anticipated return in downhill skate history; Newtons WC at Mt Panorama in Bathurst, Australia. Whether you've been hanging out for another taste of The Dipper and The Elbow, or you're yet to drop in over that intimidatingly short horizon; this is one that can't be missed. Refresh your memory with the full final day's action from the 2013 event on Youtube, and get yourself ready. The ASRA crew have decided to postpone Mt Keira until 2018 in order to concentrate their energies on Newtons.

Dates: February 17-19

Pic by Cat Sweeny
Dropping into The Dipper. Pic by Cat Sweeny


The Pacific Ring of Fire continues after a brief break from competition to nurse the wounds of battle, with the tour sailing its pirate ship into the tropical islands of the Philippines for Keeping it High WQS in Luzon, Philippines. Keeping it High was named Karera san Lumban in 2016, and its IDF debut was a great success and it will be back for 2017.

Dates: April 14-16

pic by Owen Licop


The second World Cup of 2017 will take place in the mountains of China. The China Silk Road Challenge WC will be held in a new location of this ancient country, on a track that looks exciting and super technical. In true Chinese style the welcome mat will be thrown down on a picturesque mountain with fantastic facilities.

Dates: April 21-23


South Korea

To close out the Ring of Fire we'll move to an amazing new location in South Korea. The Arirang Hill Fest WQS will be the first IDF event held in South Korea, and the South Koreans will throw everything into this final event of the Asian leg to determine who will be the King and Queen of Asia and who will take the early lead in the race for the World Tour Crown.

Dates: April 28-30

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Magaly McWhinnie

This post was written by Magaly McWhinnie

Downhill skateboarder, Stoke spreader,Event organizer. Film and Editor. Borned in Peru currently living in Australia. IDF Director. WSF Director. Manager at Basement Skate
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