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Colombia is a transcontinental country largely situated in the northwest of South America, with territories in Central America. At 40 minutes from Cali will take place next June 17th-18th the last stage of the IDF SouthAM Championship 2017 with La Leonera DH.
The Secretaria de Deporte de Cali along with event organizer Teo Mejia, will hold their race for a third year in a row as a stop on the world cup tour: it's a very great to see that the local government recognize the potential of the sport and continues to support the downhill skateboard community with this event. Just like last year, we expect a spectacular weekend of adrenaline and racing.

Airview of La Leonera DH track

The track is the same as last year’s event and consists of a technical and fast 2KM stretch of road. All the safety measure are planned and the organizer managed to move from 800 to 1000 hay bales along all the track to preserve the safety of the riders. The road will be closed permanently for the weekend but the riders will have the chance to skate it from 9am to 5pm in according with the daily schedule that will be released the day before the event starts.

La Leonera 2017_race track
Findhills race track view

On Friday, June 16th, there will be a riders meeting to finalize the registration, explain and refresh the IDF rules, review the setup of the track, and the schedule during the event. There will be a camping area in a big naturalistic place near the race track with amenities including bathrooms and areas for food. There are also options to rent houses or stay in hostels nearby the event.

The schedule for the weekend.
La Leonera Dh 2017 schedule.

We sat down with Teo Mejia, the event organizer, to ask him a few questions about the upcoming event:

F: Teo! First of all it was a pleasure to "virtually" meet you and discover this side of the world, how are your feelings regarding the event?

T: For me and the others race organizers it’s a pleasure to make this event and receive riders from all over the world. We are feeling good!!

F: Are you preparing some surprises for this 2017 edition? What are some notable things for the riders?

T: Our goal is to make as many runs as possible at our event, to make the riders are happy  and enjoying this race as much as possible. Also we plan a good party after the race, in Wepa House at Cali city, with food and drinks, to have a space for everybody to have a nice time after racing.

F: Do you want to give any suggestion to the foreigners riders that will land in Colombia for their first time?

T: For the ones that are coming to Colombia for the first time I know you will enjoy our country a lot! We have a lot of roads, people are friendly, we have really good food and climate. Be prepared to have a nice time!

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