Tristan Cardillo in a Brazilian Sandwich at Verdicchio; Thiago Lessa in front, Pepe Laporte behind. Carlos Paixão was out in front, but they all caught him.
Tristan Cardillo in a Brazilian Sandwich at Verdicchio; Thiago Lessa in front, Pepe Laporte behind. Carlos Paixão was out in front, but they all caught him.

Tristan Cardillo. Get used to that name. In the morning he cruised to a win in the Juniors, and then in the afternoon he won the Opens final against a heavy-weight Brazilian trio; Carlos Paixão, Thiago Lessa, and the young and up-and-coming Pepe Laporte. This wasn't a Bradbury victory - Tristan mixed it with the big boys and overtook them all with no lucky break. the semi-finals Tristan hit the hay in the final corner, and crossed the line fourth. But he protested, and the video evidence was clear enough; Vašek Čvančara of Czechia's attempted overtake on the inside had almost, but not quite, been completed before Vašek sent Tristan into the hay. The protest upheld, Vašek was relegated to the consi, and Tristan advanced into the Brazilian Storm.

With this win, a third-place in the Opens at King's Gate, and a 17th at Kozakov, the 17-year-old Tristan might just be the new Euro King.

Verdicchio Country
Verdicchio Country

Earlier in the day Lyde Begue of France won the Women's race in a close-fought final over Melissa Brogni of Brazil, Cassandra Duchesne of Canada and Giulia Bottazin of Italy.

Uldis Tretmanis of Mexico, the youngest 54-year old in the world, won the Masters after hot-favorite Nicolas Desmarais copped a shove in one of the earlier corners that put him in fourth with too much of a gap to make up.

Kolby Parks descends from Poggio Cupro. Photo Sven von Schlachta
Kolby Parks descends from Poggio Cupro

The lugers voted to run a Grand prix style finals; three rounds of all six riders on the track at once, and with the results of each round determining the poll position of the following round. It made for close racing, and in the final it was a little too close, with Konstantin Weigl disqualified for a shove on Ryan Farmer. In the end it was Canadian Kolby Parks who took the win, his pale Canadian shoulders badly sunburnt from a day off at the beach yesterday.

Open Skateboard Results

  1. Tristan Cardillo
  2. Thiago Gomes Lessa
  3. Pepe Laporte
  4. Carlos Paixão
  5. Chase Hiller
  6. Vašek Čvančara
  7. Kyle Connelly
  8. Daniel Engel
  9. Yanis Markarian
  10. Giorgio Garino
  11. Javier Táboas Rico
  12. Tommaso Bohannon
  13. Andrez Krob Pereira
  14. Daina Banks
  15. Brennan Bast
  16. Eduardo Falcao
  17. Aaron Hampshire
  18. Alex Dehmel
  19. Mitch Thompson
  20. Arthur Spuhler
  21. Diego Poncelet
  22. Daniel Minsky
  23. Louis-Philippe Déry
  24. Gaetan Ricord
  25. Josh Evans
  26. Adam Westfall
  27. Davis Lanham
  28. Christoph Schmalz
  29. Alex Charleson
  30. Robert Stehlik
  31. Marcus Aldinucci
  32. Juan Duran
  33. Giuseppe Maltese
  34. Ruben Schray
  35. Parker Schmidt
  36. Lachie Re
  37. Mariano Conti
  38. Stephen Davis
  39. Nico Gallmann
  40. Zak Mills-Goodwin
  41. Federico Falco
  42. Matteo Rodinis
  43. Gerrit Geiger
  44. Sawyer Kulman
  45. Jan Melnar
  46. Tim White
  47. Brodie Owens
  48. Lucas Poulain
  49. Alessio Damato
  50. Uldis Tretmanis
  51. Anna Pixner
  52. Samuel D'Avignon
  53. Santiago Espeche
  54. Damian Derek Blanquer Gelez
  55. Lyde Begue
  56. Cassandra Duchesne
  57. Jasmijn Hanegraef
  58. Santiago Gonzalez Salaberry
  59. Melissa Brogni
  60. Timofey Mihalev
  61. Filippo Salerni
  62. Nicolas Desmarais
  63. Andrea Moreni
  64. Lisa Peters
  65. Sabrina Ambrosi
  66. Simone Capozzi
  67. Adam Klima
  68. Alessio Simeone
  69. Loïc Egido
  70. Michaël Pellicer
  71. Giulia Bottazzin
  72. Gabriele Badiali
  73. Emanuele Caruso
  74. Candy Dungan
  75. Benjamin Jackson-Legros
  76. Azzurra Felici
  77. Jennifer Schauerte
  78. Julia Barklow
  79. Myrjam Weißschuh
  80. Rachel Bruskoff
  81. Luana Chaves

Women's Results

  1. Lyde Begue
  2. Melissa Brogni
  3. Cassandra Duchesne
  4. Giulia Bottazzin
  5. Sabrina Ambrosi
  6. Anna Pixner
  7. Jennifer Schauerte
  8. Julia Barklow
  9. Lisa Peters
  10. Jasmijn Hanegraef
  11. Rachel Bruskoff
  12. Candy Dungan
  13. Luana Chaves
  14. Myrjam Weißschuh

Junior Results

  1. Tristan Cardillo
  2. Daniel Minsky
  3. Adam Klima

Masters Results

  1. Uldis Tretmanis
  2. Damian Derek Blanquer Gelez
  3. Michaël Pellicer
  4. Nicolas Desmarais
  5. Emanuele Caruso

Luge Results

  1. Kolby Parks
  2. Andrej Ilič
  3. Ryan Farmer
  4. Andrea Morellini
  5. Daniele Aldinucci
  6. Konstantin Weigl
Fede Barboni, Race Director
Fede Barboni, Race Director

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