Kozakov Challenge 2017

Kozakov Challenge 2017

Event info

Dates19/07 - 22/07/17
City/CountryKozakov, Czech Republic
TypeWorld Cup
Websiterotate screen to see urlhttp://www.kozakovchallenge.cz/en
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Registration info

Registration feeCZK 4500.00
Rider limit180

Track info

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This is the 9th year of the legendary Kozakov Challenge, one of the premier races in the world. A fast track with challenging turns and speedy narrow sections. Don’t miss this event! See you all on the hill!

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Rider list

#NameNat.Nat.Category 1Category 2
1.Arthur SpuhlerCHOpen skateboard 
2.Yanis MarkarianFROpen skateboard 
3.Daniel LeutgebDEOpen skateboard 
4.Luis Noah StahlDEJuniors 
5.Moritz WeinDEOpen skateboard 
6.Jan BrebeckDEOpen skateboard 
7.Gerardo Novoa ReyESOpen skateboard 
8.Lukas WünscheDEOpen skateboardMasters
9.Riley HarrisCAOpen skateboard 
10.Tristan CardilloCHOpen skateboardJuniors
11.Christoph LippDEOpen skateboard 
12.Marcus AldinucciITOpen skateboard 
13.Hugo GafnerCHOpen skateboardJuniors
14.Mikel Echegaray DiezESLuge 
15.Martin WitzigmannDELuge 
16.Joshua DistelCHOpen skateboard 
17.Daniele AldinucciITLuge 
18.Jasmijn HanegraefBEWomen 
19.Dave SüessCHOpen skateboard 
20.Rodrigo ReyesCROpen skateboard 
21.Luca BardinoCHOpen skateboard 
22.Stephen DavisNZOpen skateboard 
23.Ignacy ŚwiątkowskiPLLuge 
24.Oliver MoorCHOpen skateboard 
25.Jakub VítCZOpen skateboardJuniors
26.Maxwell RondeauUSOpen skateboard 
27.Kolby ParksCALuge 
28.Martí FontESOpen skateboardJuniors
29.Germain DagevilleFROpen skateboardLuge
30.Pedro OliverESOpen skateboardJuniors
31.Alex LazarisUSOpen skateboard 
32.Elia MartinalliITOpen skateboard 
33.Bernardo IandelliITOpen skateboard 
34.Chris McBrideUSLuge 
35.Andreas MangoldDEOpen skateboard 
36.Abdil MahdzanMYLuge 
37.Matteo RodinisITOpen skateboard 
38.Taylor CookNZOpen skateboardJuniors
39.Konstantin WeiglATLuge 
40.Ruben SchrayDEOpen skateboard 
41.Christoph SchmalzDEOpen skateboard 
42.Daniel EngelUSOpen skateboard 
43.Till HeidenCHOpen skateboard 
44.Tamara PraderCHOpen skateboardWomen
45.Marc EscodaESOpen skateboard 
46.Rachel BruskoffUSOpen skateboardWomen
47.Morgan OwensUSOpen skateboard 
48.Jort SwitijnkNLOpen skateboard 
49.Diego PonceletESOpen skateboard 
50.Daniel MinskyUSOpen skateboardJuniors
51.Myrjam WeißschuhDEOpen skateboardWomen
52.Gerrit GeigerDEOpen skateboard 
53.Josh EvansAUOpen skateboard 
54.Patrick SwitzerCAOpen skateboard 
55.Ricard TenaESOpen skateboard 
56.Christian WeissDEOpen skateboard 
57.Brennan BastAUOpen skateboard 
58.Brodie OwensAUOpen skateboard 
59.Luis GarciaESOpen skateboardMasters
60.George CheesemanGBLuge 
61.Marvin CapaulCHOpen skateboard 
62.Carlos SchärerCHOpen skateboard 
63.Léa RichardFROpen skateboardWomen
64.Julia BarklowUSOpen skateboardWomen
65.Marlon BrenesCRMasters 
66.Jennifer SchauerteDEOpen skateboardWomen
67.Daina BanksUSOpen skateboard 
68.Davis LanhamAUOpen skateboard 
69.Loïc EgidoCHOpen skateboard 
70.Clayton ArthursCAOpen skateboard 
71.Davide CarlsCHOpen skateboard 
72.Jakub RodCZOpen skateboardMasters
73.Quirin IlmerATOpen skateboardLuge
74.Federico FalcoITOpen skateboard 
75.Tristan FortFROpen skateboard 
76.Lyde BegueFROpen skateboardWomen
77.Lucas PoulainFROpen skateboard 
78.Gaetan RicordFROpen skateboard 
79.Marjorie RomeoFROpen skateboardWomen
80.Florent CarlesFROpen skateboard 
81.Sabine SchneiderDEWomen 
82.Benjamin Jackson-LegrosCAOpen skateboard 
83.Lachie ReAUOpen skateboard 
84.Cassandra DuchesneCAOpen skateboardWomen
85.Guido CipollaITOpen skateboard 
86.Elton VejuxFROpen skateboard 
87.Tanner MorelockUSOpen skateboard 
88.Timofey MihalevRUOpen skateboard 
89.Ivan BorzevRUOpen skateboard 
90.Kyle ConnellyUSOpen skateboard 
91.Vil YusupovRUOpen skateboard 
92.Emily ProssUSOpen skateboardWomen
93.Guido LauschDELuge 
94.Juan DuranAROpen skateboard 
95.Adrien Vu VanFROpen skateboard 
96.Will StephensonGBLuge 
97.Anastasiia AkentevaRUOpen skateboardWomen
98.Santiago Gonzalez SalaberryAROpen skateboard 
99.Ryan FarmerUSLuge 
100.Scott LembachUSOpen skateboardMasters
101.Santiago EspecheAROpen skateboard 
102.Lillian BarouilletFROpen skateboard 
103.Sion HughesIEOpen skateboard 
104.Rasmus KlintrotSEOpen skateboard 
105.Anne PoursinFROpen skateboardWomen
106.Lukas ÜbelhörDEOpen skateboard 
107.Nicolas DesmaraisCAOpen skateboardMasters
108.Karen Van RompayBEOpen skateboardWomen
109.Andrea MoreniITOpen skateboard 
110.Andrez Krob PereiraBROpen skateboard 
111.Dmitriy TarasovRUOpen skateboard 
112.Kavon ZamanianUSOpen skateboard 
113.Lars TroutwineUSOpen skateboard 
114.Javier Táboas RicoESOpen skateboard 
115.Sabrina AmbrosiAROpen skateboardWomen
116.Justin RouleauUSOpen skateboard 
117.Zak MaytumUSOpen skateboard 
118.Eduardo FalcãoBROpen skateboard 
119.Sawyer KulmanUSOpen skateboard 
120.Ambroise TrauetFROpen skateboardJuniors
121.Anton LindénSEOpen skateboard 
122.Bartosz HalasekPLLuge 
123.Jasper D'HaeneBEOpen skateboard 
124.Daan PierikNLLuge 
125.Candy DunganUSOpen skateboardWomen
126.Lisa PetersNLOpen skateboardWomen
127.Alexandros TzouganakisFROpen skateboardJuniors
128.Melissa BrogniBROpen skateboardWomen
129.Luana ChavesBRWomen 
130.Alex CharlesonCAOpen skateboard 
131.Simon HertelDEOpen skateboard 
132.Adam LewisAUOpen skateboard 
133.Michal KarpianusCZOpen skateboardJuniors
134.Nikolay KellerDEOpen skateboardJuniors
135.Oscar Rodriguez EscoinESOpen skateboard 
136.Jan SchererDEOpen skateboard 
137.Nando JurgensNLLuge 
138.Krzysztof SkałowskiPLOpen skateboard 
139.Annina BrühwilerCHOpen skateboardWomen
140.Aaron HampshireUSOpen skateboard 
141.Tom BoermanNLOpen skateboard 
142.Chase HillerUSOpen skateboard 
143.Bruno Vidal VieiraBROpen skateboardJuniors
144.Tim WhiteAUOpen skateboard 
145.Joao Pedro LaporteBROpen skateboard 
146.Anders IndeSEOpen skateboard 
147.Gustav Funck NorrhällSEOpen skateboard 
148.Linus BrundinSEOpen skateboard 
149.Ryan BonifasUSOpen skateboard 
150.Ian FreireBROpen skateboard 
151.Marek Tomáš MirčevCZOpen skateboardJuniors
152.Jakub SpesnyCZOpen skateboard 
153.Vojtěch RoudnickýCZOpen skateboard 
154.Ludwig FahlströmSEOpen skateboard 
155.Adam WestfallUSOpen skateboard 
156.Michal DymáčekCZOpen skateboard 
157.Louis-Philippe DéryCAOpen skateboard 
158.Nicolas Dell'oroITOpen skateboard 
159.Jan FlorianCZOpen skateboardMasters
160.Oscar GutierrezMXOpen skateboard 
161.Baldur KutscheraCHOpen skateboard 
162.Edoardo BarbiITOpen skateboard 
163.Alex DehmelDEOpen skateboard 
164.Andrej IličCZLuge 
165.Giorgio GarinoITOpen skateboard 
166.Alessio DamatoITOpen skateboard 
167.Giuseppe MalteseITOpen skateboard 
168.Giulia BottazzinITOpen skateboardWomen
169.Patrick LombardiITOpen skateboard 
170.Felix FeddersenDEOpen skateboard 
171.Mitch ThompsonAUOpen skateboard 
172.Gerardo MorenoMXOpen skateboard 
173.Matthew NoseworthyCAOpen skateboard 
174.Christian LeesCHOpen skateboardJuniors
175.Adam KlimaCZOpen skateboardJuniors
176.Jonathan GuardiaPEOpen skateboard 
177.Parker SchmidtUSOpen skateboard 
178.Prokop DanielCZOpen skateboard 
179.Anna PixnerATOpen skateboardWomen
180.Helene FolliardFROpen skateboardWomen

Riders p/nationality

  • US - 25
  • DE - 22
  • CH - 16
  • FR - 16
  • IT - 15
  • CZ - 11
  • ES - 10
  • CA - 10
  • AU - 8
  • BR - 7
  • SE - 6
  • NL - 5
  • RU - 5
  • AR - 4
  • AT - 3
  • PL - 3
  • BE - 3
  • NZ - 2
  • GB - 2
  • CR - 2
  • MX - 2
  • IE - 1
  • MY - 1
  • PE - 1

Riders p/category

  • Open skateboard - 159
  • Women - 24
  • Luge - 18
  • Juniors - 16
  • Masters - 7

There are riders from 24 different nationalities attending this event.

You can camp on the field next to the party tent/track for free or you can get a hotel or bed ‘n breakfast in Turnov or Semily.

There are no showers on the camp site, but there’s a dedicated shower bus which will take you to a shower 1 km down the hill. It then waits until you’re done before dropping you at the camp again.