Showdown at the Loops 2016

Maryhill Showdown at the Loops

Event info

Dates21/06 - 25/06/16
City/CountryGoldendale, United States
TypeWorld Qualifying Series
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Registration info

Registration fee$ 270.00
Rider limit190

Track info

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Maryhill Showdown at the Loops The Maryhill Ratz are pleased to announce the 2016 International Downhill Federation (IDF) World Qualifying Series sanctioned race at the Historic Maryhill Loops Road.


(All times/categories are subject to change.)

  1. Tuesday June 21: 9am – 5pm; Freeride
  2. Wednesday June 22: 9am – 5pm; Freeride, Classic Luge (non-IDF)
  3. Thursday June 23: 9am – 5pm; Timed Qualifying, Masters – 40 and up (this is NOT IDF sanctioned masters racing, no IDF points will be awarded)
  4. Friday June 24: Race to qualify
  5. Saturday June 25: Races; Uphill Push, Open, Women, Jr. 15 to 17, Jr. 14 – under, Luge

Prize Money

$10,000 Total Cash Purse!

Food and Accommodation

The Town of Goldendale will again be hosting camping at the Ekone Park and breakfast will be provided.

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Rider list

#NameNat.Nat.Category 1Category 2
1.David TownsendUSOpen skateboard 
2.Dominic Rico-GomezDEOpen skateboard 
3.Maxwell RondeauUSOpen skateboard 
4.Mikel Echegaray DiezESLuge 
5.Jan Tarradas MiquelESLuge 
6.Josey PrattUSOpen skateboard 
7.Gerardo Novoa ReyESOpen skateboardMasters
8.Frank WilliamsUSLuge 
9.Stephen DumaineUSOpen skateboard 
10.Roy WolfUSMasters 
11.Jeffrey VyainUSOpen skateboard 
12.Nickolas CurtrightUSOpen skateboard 
13.Chris McBrideUSLuge 
14.Chase VaughanUSOpen skateboard 
15.Job CrisostomoBROpen skateboard 
16.Jon WenmanUSOpen skateboard 
17.Nick Richardson-PalmerUSOpen skateboard 
18.Dmitri MenasUSOpen skateboard 
19.Fernando Rodrigo de MedeirosBROpen skateboard 
20.Jan MoisanenUSLuge 
21.Jes M IzmanMYOpen skateboard 
22.William Ortiz RodriguesBROpen skateboardMasters
23.Ricardo Campanha SierraBROpen skateboardMasters
24.Andre ToporoviczBROpen skateboard 
25.Bryce BradyUSOpen skateboard 
26.Erik WarnerUSOpen skateboard 
27.Knox HeslopUSOpen skateboardJuniors
28.Michael RyanUSOpen skateboard 
29.Jake WilkinsonUSOpen skateboard 
30.Martin DepassUSOpen skateboardJuniors
31.Trevor OvendenUSOpen skateboard 
32.Fernando AlvesBROpen skateboard 
33.Travis WatrousUSOpen skateboard 
34.Emily ProssUSOpen skateboard 
35.Kolby ParksCALuge 
36.Casey ConnerUSJuniors 
37.Aidan GilbertCAOpen skateboard 
38.Kaspar HeinriciUSOpen skateboard 
39.Parker SchmidtUSOpen skateboard 
40.Dylan ShrimptonUSOpen skateboardJuniors
41.Lynn KramerUSWomen 
42.Brandon DesJarlaisUSOpen skateboard 
43.Caleb OrourkeUSOpen skateboardJuniors
44.Scott LembachUSOpen skateboard 
45.Blake SchramUSOpen skateboard 
46.Michael LovelyUSLuge 
47.Sabrina RiffenburghUSLuge 
48.Justin RouleauUSOpen skateboard 
49.Zak MaytumUSOpen skateboard 
50.Gabe MessaUSJuniors 
51.Mitch ThompsonAUOpen skateboard 
52.Katie EdwardsGBWomen 
53.Spencer SmithUSOpen skateboard 
54.Nikolas MatousekUSOpen skateboardJuniors
55.Darius EscandarUSLuge 
56.Kent HalleUSJuniors 
57.Nashley AlamedaPRWomen 
58.Benjamin ZehnerUSLuge 
59.Max BallesterosBROpen skateboard 
60.Wyatt NielandUSOpen skateboard 
61.Alex CharlesonCAOpen skateboard 
62.Scott SmithCAOpen skateboard 
63.Ryan VitaleUSOpen skateboard 
64.Max VickersUSOpen skateboard 
65.Adam LittleUSOpen skateboard 
66.Craig EllisUSMasters 
67.Carlos PaixãoBROpen skateboard 
68.John Guerrero-SpitzUSOpen skateboard 
69.Kiefer KronekerUSOpen skateboard 
70.Aaron DillUSOpen skateboard 
71.Lexi LochUSOpen skateboardWomen
72.Thiago Gomes LessaBROpen skateboard 
73.Dylan GreerUSOpen skateboard 
74.Riann Roguljic RiedelUSWomen 
75.Victor NavaUSOpen skateboard 
76.Connor WagnerUSOpen skateboard 
77.Kyle ConnellyUSOpen skateboard 
78.Kevin LangiUSOpen skateboard 
79.Calvin StaubUSOpen skateboard 
80.Gabriel ShinUSOpen skateboard 
81.Pedro FrangulisBROpen skateboard 
82.Nicholas BromsUSOpen skateboard 
83.Jaydon HowarthAUJuniors 
84.Tanner MorelockUSOpen skateboard 
85.Nicholas KaschUSOpen skateboard 
86.Sandor VorosUSJuniors 
87.Mike PaproskiUSOpen skateboard 
88.Micah GreenUSOpen skateboard 
89.Greg PaproskiUSOpen skateboardJuniors
90.George MerkertUSOpen skateboard 
91.Cody HenriksonUSOpen skateboard 
92.Robin McGuirkUSOpen skateboard 
93.Maxwell CappsUSOpen skateboard 
94.Nora MangerUSOpen skateboardWomen
95.Brian SandovalCROpen skateboard 
96.Ben StainerGBOpen skateboard 

Riders p/nationality

  • US - 71
  • BR - 10
  • CA - 4
  • ES - 3
  • GB - 2
  • AU - 2
  • PR - 1
  • DE - 1
  • CR - 1
  • MY - 1

Riders p/category

  • Open skateboard - 75
  • Juniors - 11
  • Luge - 10
  • Women - 6
  • Masters - 5

There are riders from 10 different nationalities attending this event.