IDF # 156
Nationality FlagIT
Category Skateboard
About Marcus
I was born the 7th June 1996 in Siena , a city in Tuscany (Italy). Currently I'm attending the fifth grade of high school in graphic design. I inherited my passion for speed from my father. He was a good driver in Formula 3 and kart. At age 13, I happened to see a DH Skate race, and from that moment I fell in love with this sport. After about a month I bought my first longboard and I started training on a street near my house. In 2010 I began to make my first freeride and the most important was the Gioasteka. I started to attend my first races in Italy in 2011 (Teolo IGSA World Cup and Verdicchio IGSA European Championship), those have been the most significant.
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