To the IDF Racing Community,

The Board wishes you are all safe, in good health, and currently enjoy turning wheels with your friends.

We are thrilled to report that the IDF received numerous nominations for participation in the first-ever IDF Racing Committee! Four Racer Representatives went uncontested and are welcomed later in this article. The positions that we need you to vote for are as follows:

North American Racer Representative Candidates
Max Capps
Ryan Farmer

Open Street Luge Racer Representative Candidates
Ryan Farmer
Will Stephenson

Women’s Street Luge Racer Representative Candidates
CJ Wilkinson
Sabrina Riffenburgh

Please take your time to evaluate each candidate and make the choice that you believe will help IDF to reach its full potential. To see each candidate's Racer Committee Submission, click here.

Voting will be open on the IDF website Friday (no later than 12 pm PST), and it will close Sunday at 12 pm PST. Voting is open to all IDF members and all members may place a vote in every category, despite your designated discipline. If you place multiple votes in one category, then your last vote will be accepted as your single vote in that category.

The position for Adaptive Racer Representative will be filled upon the creation of the Racer Committee as one of their first tasks.

The Uncontested Racer Representatives:

The following dedicated nominees went uncontested for their position on the first-ever IDF Racer Committee as Racer Representatives. Please give them a warm welcome to the IDF team!

Asia-Pacific Racer Representative Harry Clarke
We are delighted to have the 2019 World Champion participate in the Racer Committee. Harry Clarke almost needs no introduction, but just if you were wondering…
Age: 22
Origin: Australia.
Years racing: 7
Favorite track: Devils Peak
Why does he love this sport? His like-minded degenerate friends who partake.

European Racer Representative Pearse D’Arcy
With personality and style to boot, Pearse D’Arcy is a guy who is sure to be making friends at the campsite. But there are no friends on race day! He proved his point in 2019 by coming 2nd overall in the European Continental rankings. Must be the tuck of the Irish, I tell ya.
Age: 24
Origin: Ireland
Years Racing: 9
Favorite Track: Vulcan
Why does he love this sport? The community!

South American Racer Representative Sabrina Ambrosi
Chances are if you’ve lurked around South America in recent years, you’ve raced against the machine that is Sabrina Ambrosi. You’ve probably seen her on Instagram roasting workouts preparing to dominate next season, and it’s pretty clear she has a great amount of devotion to becoming the best! Sabrina earned some impressive results last year as the undefeated Women's Champion of her continent with a very honorable 3rd place in the Open Skate category.
Age: 33
Origin: Argentina
Years Racing: 6
Favorite Track: Vulcan
Why does she love the sport? How it made her life and everything around it make sense.

Women’s Skateboard Racer Representative Teresa Gillcrist
Teresa Gillcrist is one of the nicest people you will encounter throughout the circuit and in recent years has been busy tuning and refining her style and technique. On her first World Tour, she placed an astounding 2nd place in the Women's Skate category - beating out some veterans and hot-shots alike!
Age: 22
Origin: America
Years Racing: 2
Favorite Track: Vulcan
Why does she love the sport? The people, the traveling, and mastering control over her board.


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