The following submissions are of contested Racer Committee nominees. Please take your time to evaluate each candidate and make the choice that you believe will help IDF to reach its full potential. Voting opens on the IDF website Friday, before 12 pm PST, and will close on Sunday at 12 pm PST.

Max Capps - running for North American Racer Rep

"I will be running for the North American Rider Committee position. I have been racing skateboards for 14 years, constantly being an active member of the scene when we were all groms till now as a top rider. I am a 3rd generation racer and fabricator, hailing from Southern California. I grew up at the track and spent my life in the garage watching and listening to the world of racing happen around me. You may know me as a rule bender, serious racer both in the local outlaw scenes and sanctioned race circuits, and constant envelope pusher with the gear that we ride. I am also very passionate about the back end of racing as we know it, working with the IDF and helping the racing scene move forward.

I have been around since the beginning of what we know as modern downhill racing and the constantly changing social outlets where riders have been talking. I am in all the groups and racer chats, also maintaining personal direct streams of contact with the many IDF tour members, watching and participating in the conversations that are relevant to the duties of this very position. I still love to see and participate in the concerns of the masses as they unfold day today.

If elected, my goal is to be someone that is easily accessible for the general scene to communicate with and relay ideas and concerns to the IDF Board. As someone who has been affected by rules and changes, as well as being the one making the changes, I hope to bring experience and understanding to both the IDF and its affiliates. I am constantly online and if you have messaged me before, you know that I am quick to respond and educate on any question sent my way. If you have seen me at the track you know that I am always hustling to either sell something to make it to the next race or prepare for the one at hand. I was never given a lot of money to go to races and usually had to sacrifice a lot to get there.

I understand that what we do isn’t always cheap and can have many barriers when it comes to progression on the circuit. I hope to be able to bring changes to the IDF Board that will allow easier access to full time racing as well as make the events more streamlined and simple for the general attendee to have a safe and fun experience. Myself and others have been actively communicating with the board. We have already delivered initiatives for change that are the current base for the future. Among them are the creation of Pro/Am classes. These are impactful changes to the way we conduct racing as well as an avenue to generate more income to the IDF while also lowering overall costs for the racers. It’s not easy to have a case of wheels, fancy setup, and travel the country/world while also maintaining a job, being a student, and having a regular life.

Currently, I have been gathering support and recommendations from the top racers and notable figures of Downhill Skateboarding. Some of which pushed me to consider this position in the first place. I have no doubt that I can help the Riders and IDF grow to be something that promotes the growth of beginner racers as well as seasoned World Tour competitors. Thank you for your time and hopefully your support."

Ryan Farmer - running for North American racer rep and Open Street Luge Racer Rep

"Most of you know me already but my name is Ryan Farmer, I am 26 years old, and have been an active luge and open racer for many years.

I believe I will be a valuable member of the newly founded racing committee because I have seen the ins and outs of racing since the IGSA era and have years of experience involved in the organization of the California Outlaw Series. The success of the California Outlaw Series backs up my ability to manage time and resources, work alongside multiple event organizers, converse with countless riders at all skill levels, and help facilitate a safe, fun environment for racers to prosper. I will be running for the luge representative position."

Will Stephenson - running for Open Street Luge Racer Rep

"I have put myself forward as the Streetluge representative. I have been riding for 20 years and racing for 16 constant years! Within that time I have seen the ups and downs of the sport along with different organizational structures that have worked well and also one's that have failed.

I believe that I would do well in this role as the experience I have in racing, event organizing, equipment design, and building along with being objective with challenges will come out with the best result. Since 2004 I have attended over 75 international races, 15 television shows as both a coach and stuntman, having to take into account the health and safety of myself and everyone taking part. Some of you know that my full-time job now is as a Crew Manager in the Fire Service, dealing with difficult, emotional, hazardous incidents and emergencies along with the day to day running of the crew. Previously I have been an electrical and mechanical engineer, project manager, workshop technician, and des Ed and built boards under Dangerous Decks. I am trained and qualified with the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), for Managing Safely, this I've applied to events, races, and equipment that I have been involved with.

If elected my aim is to help with getting the correct balance of competitiveness, creativity, and safety, the key part being the correct balance as our sport can be incredibly dangerous when done with poor event management, equipment or decisions being made by people without the correct and in-depth knowledge of street luge. I’ll also be pushing to get all of the disciplines more accessible to newcomers and to grow the organization from the ground up, along with racers getting better value and safety for their money and time at events. I know the fine balance that street luge has to take, having such low in numbers we have to work well with downhill skateboard for us to have events, which means that street luge is sometimes left out, I'll do my absolute best to ensure that this does not happen with balancing the practicalities."

CJ Wilkinson - Running for Women's Street Luge Racer Rep

"My name is CJ Wilkinson and I am a female luge racer. I have been involved in downhill since 2013. First as a skate mom, then in 2015 to present as a luge pilot. I have raced in IDF sanctioned races at Maryhill in Washington state in 2016-2019.

I have been passionate about encouraging and teaching young female luge since I started riding. I believe the future of downhill is dependent on the inclusion and development of the young riders. In order to draw new riders to our sport, I believe the sanctioning body needs to have their ear to the current racers' needs, suggestions, and perspectives.

In saying that, I am thrilled at the prospect of a racer representative because I believe it can only improve the IDF's ability to better serve its members. While I have not yet traveled internationally to races, I believe I have good relationships and communication with our international female luge community and I would be honored to represent them as the women's luge racer representative."

Sabrina Riffenburgh - Running for Women's Street Luge Racer Rep

"I have been racing Street Luge with the IDF since 2015 and in recent years, have seen a big change that I really like. I'm so excited about where the IDF is going with this committee and think I would be a great addition. I want to have the women's street luge to have its own voice as to not be lumped into whatever the guys are doing like I had to do for years before women's luge had the numbers for our own class. I want any decisions made in those meetings to benefit women and street luge for years to come! I want MORE women on the hill! I also want to make sure we are safe and every race is still fun and inclusive."

Candy Dungan

This post was written by Candy Dungan

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