Khaleeq_Gravity Fest23Gravity Fest starts tomorrow, and there’s still time to SEND IT. No need to take time off work when it’s just a Saturday/Sunday event. Head up to Munnsville, NY this weekend to have a rippin’ good time with all your friends! Good pavement, fun corners, and a Karaoke Party!!

Here are some of the NorAm racers you will meet at Gravity Fest this weekend:

Daina Banks_Justin RoloDaina Banks, USA: Gravity Fest rider rep, 2018 IDF NorAm champion, and USA Team skater; With 10 years of racing under his belt, Banks has the experience necessary to best advocate for you in the case that you have any questions or concerns regarding fairness, rules, or safety.
Sponsors: Venom, Rogue, Seismic

Ashely WinecoffAshley Winecoff, USA: Gravity Fest 2018 was Winecoff’s first IDF race and IDF podium; She’s been hooked ever since!

“Gravity fest is an equalizer hill that allows you to push your self with little risk and everyone there is having a good time!”

She said her favorite part of Gravity Fest 2018 was earning 2nd place in B-bracket and singing a lot of karaoke! This year, she’s got her eyes on more tight heats and karaoke for Gravity Fest 2019.
Sponsors: comet skateboards, SET gloves, NCDH

Khaleeq_Gravity Fest17Tim Koch, CAN: This family man is Gravity Fest 2018’s Luge Champion! After the recent passing of his mother and fellow luger, Brenda Mann, Koch chose to race both street luge and classic luge to honor her at her favorite course, Gravity Fest. He earned a podium placement in both categories, and is back this year for more! Joining him is his 9-year-old son, West-Lee, who's frothing at the chance to take another Gravity Fest run on his luge!
Sponsors: Roarockit Skateboards, Harfang, A1 Mann Construction

However, both the Gravity Fest 2018 Open Skateboard qualifier, Nick Broms, and champion, Thiago Lessa, will not be in attendance this year; leaving both titles undefended!9-year-old West-lee at Gravity Fest

Who’s going to take the titles? Stay tuned to IDF this weekend to find out! For registration and event details, click here. See you on the track!

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