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Killington World Cup 2019 Flyer

Emgee Events kicks off the 2019 North America (NorAm) tour with Gravity Fest WQS (June 1-2, Munnsville, New York) and Killington WC (June 14-16, Killington, Vermont).

If you’re looking for safe, fun, well organized, and professional events, then add IDF Emgee Events to your calendar!

Here’s everything you want to know for participating in the first leg of the 2019 IDF NorAm tour:

Meet your Host: Mike Girard, Emgee Events

Also known as “Dad” among the North American scene, Girard’s motivation in hosting downhill events has been to support, give back, and hopefully grow the community by providing safe venues for an inherently dangerous activity:

Organizer Mike Girard, stoked on the successful completion of his first World Cup; key staffer Bill Monk rides shotgun. Photo: Khaleeq Alfred

“As you know, dedicated downhill infrastructure is virtually nonexistent, and open roads pose immense and unpredictable safety (and legal) risks…Therefore, events are virtually the only opportunity to introduce people to downhill in safe, controlled conditions, while also offering safe proving grounds for experienced downhillers looking to hone their skills.”

Sustainability is also a top concern to Girard, who works in the ski industry. He’s ensured that all Emgee Events use reusable water containers (no plastic water bottles), sorted recycling, solar generators, paper bags, local fruit for rider lunches, and local hay bales.

Be sure to bring a reusable container for water, as Emgee Events will have water coolers to refill containers!

The Events: Gravity Fest and KillingtonKhaleeq_Gravity Fest17

Girard’s goal is to offer safe-track conditions, maximum runs per day, and maximum fun per rider. He aims to keep entry fees as affordable as possible, while still offering a reasonable prize purse. Entry fees include daily rider lunches, camping, and high-quality event t-shirts.

Gravity Fest is one of the most historic downhill events, as it started nearly 20 years ago (2001). The track is wide and scenic with excellent-quality pavement. In ski terminology, it would be considered a "blue square,” or intermediate course; it provides challenges for newer riders and lots of fun, tight, and strategic racing for advanced downhillers. The Munnsville American Legion offers extremely convenient access to our rider campground (plus food and drink) mere paces away from the finish line.

Even the Practice heats got heavy at #KillingtonWC. Daina Banks, Aaron Hampshire, Chase Hiller and Thiago Lessa hunt the apex. Photo: Khaleeq AlfredThe Killington track is a pure jolt of adrenaline, with top skaters touching 70mph and lugers exceeding 80mph. This will be Emgee Events' third year running Killington IDF WC, and Girard has worked hard to fine-tune the logistics each year. In 2018, he added a freeride option, live announcing in the spectator zone, updated road access protocol for maximum runs and safety, and a convenient campground with raised-tent platforms. New for 2019, he’s offering a freeride option on all 3 days (leathers required on Sunday).

Both events feature Saturday night parties that all racers, family, and friends are encouraged to attend. Gravity Fest includes karaoke, while Killington hosts a mini-ramp jam. Both parties will screen raw runs from the day.

In respect for Girard, and all of the hard work he puts in to bring you these events, please:

  1. Respect the campgrounds: don’t make huge fires or excessive noise, especially late at night.
  2. Pick up after yourselves: use the designated trash and recycling containers.
  3. Respect the locals and local businesses: their gracious hosting is the only reason we're allowed to come back.

Girard also requests racers attendance at the Friday night (Gravity Fest) and Thursday night (Killington) rider check-in parties. Your attendance greatly expedites the waiver, late registration, transponder, and gift-bag distribution processes.


Organizer Mike Girard of Emgee Events presents the rider meeting. Photo: Khaleeq AlfredBoth events use a finely-tuned road access plan that helps ensure safe, road-closure conditions. This protocol is circulated to all abutting residents before the event, so they’re aware of the road-access restrictions. The protocol is also communicated to all staff, so they know how to enforce it. Some safety measures taken include:

  1. Placing physical barriers with signage in front of every driveway and side road.
  2. Designating fixed marshal positions on active side roads to manage safe road access.
  3. Using police vehicles manned by police officers to block the top and bottom of the track when it’s closed to through traffic.
  4. Equipping all staff with the road access protocol for easy reference when interacting with residents.

Gravity Fest will use 800 hay bales and a shortened rider shutdown zone to minimize driveway exposure. Killington will use over 1,000 hay bales.


Khaleeq_Gravity Fest13 Women Podium - Gravity Fest 2018

All categories race simultaneously once their schedules align (quarters with quarters, semis with semis, etc.) unless there are significant schedule conflicts with multi-category racers.

Individual event schedules are available at the following links:
Gravity Fest Schedule
Killington Schedule


Both events will have an official announcer, photographer, and videographer. Live streaming is still being decided.


Both campgrounds have bathrooms, parking, and fire rings. They are flat, dry, and conveniently located. Gravity Fest camping is at the Munnsville American Legion Post 54 backfield. Killington camping is in the Vale lots campground, which features raised-tent platforms.

Get your Tickets

Individual event registration is available at the following links:
Gravity Fest Registration
Killington Registration

Entry fees include daily rider lunches, camping, and high-quality event t-shirts. For those who missed out on Early Bird pricing, Emgee Events offered substantial multi-event discounts via Emgee Events Season Passes at, which just concluded. Remaining registrations are at normal pricing only, but still include free event t-shirts, daily lunches, camping, etc.

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