Chacas, Peru is a small mountain town with a population of 2000 people that sits at 10K feet elevation. It's the main base for the Yaku Raymi World Cup event with rider filled hostels spread across town. On Sundays, the town gets lively. Fireworks shooting off in the early AM, kids running through the square, and Peruvians in traditional dress clothes banging on drums through the streets.

It's the perfect setting for the morning of a race day at a world cup event. Although the town is a few miles away from the race track itself, this morning felt particularly lively both with the action in town and the amount of clear skies on the mountain. It set the tone for what ended up being a dry race day.

In our qualifying day article, it was noted that a number of world rankings could be solidified with the results from this race and that ended up being just the case.

Open Results:

  1. Daniel Engel
  2. Pepe Laporte
  3. Josh Evans
  4. Harry Clarke

For full Open results see here.

4 out of the 6 top qualifiers made it to the final heat and they were ready to battle it out. Pepe was leading into first left hairpin of the bottom section of the course when Harry was coming up on his draft. The two collided as they slid into the hairpin causing a crash amongst all of the finalists. 1, 2, 3, 4, riders on the floor.

Daniel managed to hold onto his board during the crash allowing him to be the first back on the saddle thus resulting in his win. This was Daniel's first world cup win and provided him a good boost of points leading into the last race of the year.

Pepe took second place behind Daniel which gave him enough points to claim 2nd place on the world cup tour regardless of the results of the Vista Rio Downhill event next weekend.

Current Open World Rankings (after Yaku Raymi):

  1. Thiago Gomes Lessa
  2. Pepe Laporte
  3. Emily Pross
  4. Josh Evans
  5. Daniel Engel
  6. Harry Clark

Vista Rio Downhill scenarios and their affect on the world rankings:

If Daniel gets 14th or better, he overtakes Emily.

If Josh gets 5th or better, he overtakes Emily.

If Harry gets 6th or better, he overtakes Emily.

Emily could end up getting bumped into 6th.

It's now a race for third in the world between Daniel Engel, Harry Clarke, Josh Evans, and Emily Pross.

Luge Results:

  1. Will Stephenson
  2. Jorge Lozano
  3. Luis Mogrovejo
  4. Anthony Aspajo

For full Luge results see here.

Will Stephenson took the much anticipated win which bumped him into first in the Luge world rankings over previous scoreboard leader Kolby Parks. Will is now heading to Brazil for the last world cup of the year and will continue to hold the first place spot unless Kolby attends and wins Vista Rio Downhill.

Women Results:

  1. Lyde Begue
  2. Melissa Brogni
  3. Jennifer Schauerte
  4. Josefa Porter

For full Women results see here.

Lyde Begue qualified first and her qualification time stayed true during racing. She continues to hold third in the world rankings, however, Jennifer Schauerte bumped to second in the world from her third place finish at the event. Both riders plan to attend the remaining world cup in Brazil which will depict their respective spots in the world rankings.

Masters Results:

  1. Douglas Dalua
  2. Rafael Sabella
  3. Leonardo Discacciati
  4. Tomas Todros

For full Masters results see here.

Brazilians dominated the Masters category with Douglas Dalua in the lead. Dalua has already accomplished a maxed number of points in the Masters category and hopes to continue stacking first place finishes through the remainder of the season.

Juniors Results:

  1. Anderson Maldonato
  2. Diego Lopez
  3. Miguel Maguina
  4. Victor Alborno

For full Junior results see here.

Anderson Maldonato qualified first and raced his way into first which put him on the scoreboard for the Junior world rankings. If he attends the Vista Rio Downhill event he has potential to finish second in the Junior world rankings for the year.

The points chase continues as we lead into the last world cup of the season. Stay tuned across our Instagram and Facebook pages. Full albums of Yaku Raymi event photos will be posted shortly.

Photos by: Ryan Ricker (@_ricker_)

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