Writing history in Philippines

What a blast today. The typical heat didn't miss us, but we won't remember this day for the heat, but for the hot finals we had.

Open B bracket in the morning went smoothly and in the final run the top 3, Nori Tamura, Cornelius Kaup and Earl Licop advanced to the Open A Bracket.

It's racing time! Ph: Jonaz Alinhio


In the Womens Skateboard, Emily Pross confirmed her position at the top with another win in front of Jennifer Schauerte and Elissa Mah.


Jennifer Schauerte got the second place today at Seaside 2018 Ph: Yuji Fujiyama


But that wasn't Emily's only result today: she kept her focus and wasn't intimidated to be surrounded by riders like Carlos or Thiago, not at all. She trusted her lines meter after meter till the end of the track, crossing the finish line at full speed chased by the Brazilian and the australian Josh Evans.


That moment when you still not realized that you're first. Ph:Owen Licop


It was really an amazing final, and an epic moment in the history of downhill skateboarding: Emily Pross is the first woman to win a race in the Open Skateboard category and we were stoked to be there to witness the moment. Straight after the finals Emily said: "Even though I started third, at the Ohmega I got on Thiago's draft and on the exit of the last left I passed him on the left while Carlos was trying on the right, then I was in front of them and I tried to keep my position, and I did."


Emily won also a free shower to celebrate the epic event. Ph: Zen Rasta


The young gun Filipino Sebastian Chanco was unstoppable today and he got the win in the Junior class with three first places in a row.

Young gun Sebastian Chanco swaggin' into the win. Ph: Jonaz Alinhio

The race in Masters Skateboard was decided in the last run between Cornelius Kaup and Peter Fritz Siason after one first place for each one. Cornelius got the best over Fritz crossing the finish line in first place.

Cornelius Kaup leading the run while winning the Master Skateboard class. Ph: Sebi Dangerseeker


Easy diving into the finish line for Abdil. Ph. Sebi Dangerseeker


In Luge the battle was as announced between Abdil Mahdzan and Dennis “Zen” Andrado with three head-to-head runs: Abdil taking out the Luge championship in Seaside 2018.

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