On a day of blustery headwinds, Carlos Paixão qualified fastest, closely followed by fellow Brazilian Thiago Lessa. That reverses their final placing at the end of the 2017 World Cup season, and sets up a classic battle in the finals of the tenth Kozakov Challenge. Behind the two Brazilians lurks Daniel Engel, back in form after struggling in Transylvania.

Thiago More or Less
Thiago Less or Tiago More? Carlos Paixão splits the difference. Pic:Duck Vader

Emily Pross continues her charge into the upper echelons of Open Skateboarding, with a 5th place time - a whole 100 spots in front of the next fastest woman, Lyde Begue. Emily is shaping up as a genuine threat to win the 2018 Open Skateboard World Championship.

Kozakov 2018 Czech Film Run
Hectic Czech film run . Full video here: https://www.facebook.com/InternationalDownhillFederation/videos/1049943681826849/
Pic:Lada Nayevo

Swiss riders had a good day, with Tristan Cardillo in 4th, Dylan Rumo in 7th, Arthur Spuhler in 9th, and Oliver Moor in 11th.

Kozakov is a big tent
Kozakov is a big tent. Pic:Lada Nayevo

In Luge, Abdil Mahdzan (MS) posted the fastest qualifying run of the day, with a machine-like precision; all three of his qualifying runs clocked within 0.04 seconds of each other. Luge legend Mikel Echegaray Diez sits in third place after vowing to use a Classic Luge for the entire event. For a man who's won everything in the Luge world, it's an interesting way to to give himself a challenge.

Dexter Manning at Kozakov 2018
Dexter Manning just made the cut for the finals. Pic:Lada Nayevo

All qualifying times and race brackets can be found at the Kozakov event page.

Vincenzo, Kozakov startline maestro
Vincenzo, Kozakov startline maestro. Pic:Lada Nayevo

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