Ra's left seaside view. Amazing. Ph: Miko Montifar

Sun, smiles and ice creams while watching the sea, we had definitely a warm welcome this morning in Cavite for the Keeping it High Seaside 2018. the first World Qualifying Series of the Asia Pacific Championship 2018.
All the riders landed on the island in Manila city and yesterday the United Stoke crew organized all the transfers from the airport to the race track.

Ice cream time faces. Ph: Miko Montifar

49 riders from 14 nations were ready on the start line this morning to get some practice runs on the track. The usual safety check of the road was done with the crew and after closing the road with the local police, the first run went down smoothly.

Get in the Van! Ph: Miko Montifar
The Australian riders are going to send it! Ph: Jonaz Aliño

Riders got more than 10 practice runs down the road to get used with the fast sweepers and especially with the double radio of the fast Oh-mega turn.

Qualifying runs for all categories will start tomorrow morning and will take place till 4pm and it will be possible to see the qualification results here.

Sebastian Chanco young gun from Philippines nailed it through the last corner. Ph: Jonaz Aliño
We cannot explain what's going on here between Emily and Thiago. Maybe Abdil will tell us more. Ph: Jonaz Aliño

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