Morning practice runs in Peru

This weekend we are getting accustomed to the high altitude, 3259m to be exact in the mountains of Huancayo, Peru. It’s a big city in the mountains and it is known to be home of international marathon runners of the national team of Peru. Today though it wasn’t a marathon but a sprint; practice and qualifying in one day.

Its got curves

Protection was placed on track in the morning and the local Shaman opened the race. The speed of the track is moderate but with hairpins one after the other. This being a 2 in 1 day all the riders had available for them 7 practice runs in the morning. The afternoon was for 2 qualifying runs.

Current South American Championship leader Sebastian "Panelo" Zuluaga (CO) feeling it.

Interview with the riders:

How do you feel about the track?

Oscar Gutierrez (MEX) - I’m really stoked to be racing in Peru and hanging out with all the boys. I can’t wait to race and have more runs with the homies tomorrow.

How do you feel about racing tomorrow?

Kevin Toledo (PE) - Un dia muy apretado con grandes riders y mucho compartir, mañana se va con grandes espectativas, muy agradecido con toda la organisation, con todo!

How do you feel about the event?

Mariano Gentili (ARG) - Slow like the track but really stoked to be here !

European Champion Lucas Poulain (FR) sending it in Peru.

Early action and almost taking 2 top timed qualifiers in a row Harry Clarke (AUS) set the first ever time of the Hill in round 1. Harry and Lucas Poulain (FR) were the only ones to go under 1:20. It must have been the 9th run of the day and on this short track almost everyone's times in round 2 of qualifying knocked off some digits. But in the end Gaetan Ricord gets the only 1:17 and places his name on the track record as well as seeded number 1 for tomorrow's race

Interview with top qualifier Gaetan Ricord

Did you ever taking a top qualifier in Peru?

I really didn't imagine I would be top qualifier today. At first I wasn't suppose to skate cause I had a bad crash few weeks ago and I didn't skate since. I didn't trust Lyde when she said it I'm first. So I'm pretty stoked about it !

France takes top spot in both Open and Women's. Lyde Begue is Women's top qualifier.

How do you see racing tomorrow?

For tomorow it will be hard racing, didn't see the heat yet but for sure there will be a big level. As I said I'm not supposed to skate so that's just bonus and I only want to enjoy skateboarding in those mountains ! And I would like to thank organisators for the work they did for us !

Top 3 Qualifiers:

  1. Gaetan Ricord (FR)
  2. Harry Clarke (AUS)
  3. Aleix Gallimo (ES)
Will Stephenson (GB) making a sneaky trip to South America. He qualified 1st in luge.

Race day run down:

Practice #1
Rider Up lift #1
Repechage Round #1
Women’s Round #1
Luge Round #1
Rider Up lift #2
Repechage Semi Finals
Women’s Semi Finals
Luge Semi Finals
Rider Up lift #3
Repechage Finals (Top2 advance to Open) and Consolation
Women’s Finals and Consolation
Luge Finals and Consolation
Rider Up lift #4
Practice #2
Rider Up lift #5
Open Round of 32
Rider Up lift #6
Open Round of 16
Rider Up lift #7
Open Semi Finals
Rider Up lift # 8
Open Consolation
Open Finals

Photos - Brian Dennis

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