What is it like to skate Killington in the wet?

Josh Evans (AU): "Uhh.. it’s a lot better than I thought it would be. It’s actually really really grippy. The bridge is sketchy but like you can grip it.  You really gotta hold the right hay bales then huck it in immediately after that rough patch in the pavement. It’s really fun actually."

Marcus Aldinucci (IT): "It’s really fast. This is my first time here and bridge corner is crazy. In the rain.. more crazy. Pasul Vulcan in the rain was similar."

Adam Westfall (US): "I think it’s sick! I’m stoked. Crossing my fingers it’s wet on Sunday."

Daina Banks (US): "It’s nice. I like it. Yeah it’s fun. Little scarier than the dry, there’s always that question ‘can I grip?’ when you’re coming into a corner."


Today kicked off day 1 at Killington World Cup (the last race of the North America circuit). Rainy remnants of Hurricane Florence had drifted up the coast and into Vermont causing some low hanging fog and rain over the past few days.

When riders arrived to the hill the track was still moistened from the AM showers. Practice runs began and 6 brave riders jumped in the truck to take some runs. Throughout the morning more and more riders started to jump on their boards as they heard the road wasn’t too bad in the rain.



1pm hits and only 2 riders drop the course.. what’s the deal? The road had dried enough to cause some heavy patchy conditions and the inconsistency, compared to the wet, made it even more dangerous to skate.

Eventually the entirety of the road dried so more and more riders were eager to jump on their boards and take runs. There were a total of 23 runs on practice day which may be a record number of runs at a world circuit event.



Today kicks off qualifying day and with the dry conditions we’re excited to see some hot laps. We will be doing live updates all day. Tune into @idfracing.

Photos by: Khaleeq Alfred

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