The North American leg of the IDF world cup circuit recently came to a close and thus the continental rankings have rounded out. After Mt. Jefferson and Gravity Fest we saw Edward Kiefer leading in points closely followed by Nicholas Broms, Daina Banks, Emily Pross, and Adam Westfall.

Killington would depict the final results on this points chase. Daina Banks 3rd place at the World Cup gave him the points boost he needed to jump ahead of the pack and into first place earning himself the title of continental champion.

Daina has taken a step up in his racing this year and we're stoked to see him deservingly win a continental title. We sat down with Daina to learn about what makes him fast and his shoe preference:

Daina Banks. Photo by Justin Rolo

Max Vickers (MV): Where are you from and where are you living?

Daina Banks (DB): I was born in Federal way, Washington, I've been living in Colorado since '00.

MV: How many years have you been skateboard racing?

DB: I started racing outlaws in 2008. 10 years!

MV: How are you feeling after your North America continental win?

DB: I feel fantastic. This year has been my best year for racing even though I've only been to 4 IDF events. Taking NorAm champ is a huge encouragement for me.

Daina Banks_Max Dubler
Daina tucking through a sweeper at Mt. Jefferson.

MV: What does an average Tuesday look like for you?

DB: Well I try not to have many average Tuesdays. Ideally there would be some sort of dawn patrol, usually I wake up nice and early, cook a good breakfast, and then I'm likely off to work! I've been doing a lot of finish carpentry, painting and property maintenance lately.

MV: Cowboy boots or Jordans?

DB: Cowboy boots are way cooler than Js.

Daina Banks_Khaleeq Alfred
Start line battle stance. Photo: Khaleeq Alfred

MV: I’ve noticed a change in your riding style and setup over the last few years- moving to smaller board, smaller trucks, smaller stance. Is this something you’d been working to change? Have you noticed significant differences because of it?

DB: The board took me by surprise last year when Zak Maytum brought a slalom inspired race setup on euro tour. Zak handed me his setup with fresh wheels on it and his sweet new dr3 helmet and told me to go for a rip. When i got back to my own board it was disappointing. I had to change. The stance kind of comes with the board. Working with Peter and Calvin at Foothills Pedorthics has been one of the biggest catalysts for change in my riding style. The insoles help tremendously and there's this level of self awareness you gain in the process of making them.

MV: What set up are you riding?

DB: Currently I'm riding a board i helped design with Ouray Skateboards, rogue slalom trucks, mach 1 magnum wheels, seismic grip and tekton ceramic bearings. Torque blocks front and back.

Daina Banks_Max Dubler2
Mean mug. Photo: Max Dubler
Daina Banks_Max Dubler3
Sliding right at Mt. Jefferson. Photo: Max Dubler

MV: Does the leopard print make you go faster?

DB: The leopard print makes me feel faster for sure. I bet it makes me look faster too!

MV: What was your favorite race in North America this year? Why was it your favorite?

DB: My favorite race in North America is Killington for sure. It's a hard test of ability and will.

MV: Will you be attending the South America races this year?

DB: I plan on going to Vista Rio.

Congratulations Daina on being one of the fastest on the continent. Follow Daina as he finishes out the rest of the season in Brazil:

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