Brennan Bast smashes the Newton's track record by more than a second
Brennan Bast smashes the Newton's track record by more than a second

Bathurst lay under a blanket of fog this morning until a breeze appeared and blew it away. But that was just the breeze's opening act. It was fickle, but in the afternoon it transformed into a tailwind and the track became a completely different beast, sending riders smashing into the hay at Forest Elbow, including top guns Daniel Engel and Pepe Laporte.

And the morning's times also got smashed, and then finally the track record got smashed harder than anything by Aussie Brennan Bast with an unthinkable 0:57.27 - a full 1.1 seconds faster than the record set last year by Mauritz Armfelt. Josh Evans and Mitch Thompson filled out the other two top spots.

Santiago Espeche from Argentina styling it through the esses.
Santiago Espeche from Argentina styling it through the esses.

The expected Brazilian domination never quite happened as the locals judged the conditions better, leaving their runs til later in the afternoon gauging that speed of the tailwind would compensate for the slowness of the late-afternoon heat.

Emily Pross qualifies 6th at Newtons
Emily Pross qualifies 6th at Newtons

The list of Prossecutions was brutal. Emily was 6th fastest, in front of Kyle Wester, Jackson Shapiera, Daniel Engel, and 2017 World Champ Thiago Lessa. This could be the year that Emily wins an Open Skateboard World Cup.

For all today's qualifying times, click here.

Tomorrow's race brackets

  1. Open Skateboard
  2. Women's Skateboard
  3. Junior Skateboard
  4. Masters Skateboard
  5. Luge
  6. Open Skateboard Repechage

Tomorrow's running order

1. Practice Run
2. Repechage Semi Finals (8)
3. Repechage Finals
4. Repechage
5. Open Skateboard Round 1 (64)
6. Dirty 30s Round 1 (32)
7. Open Skateboard Round 2 (32)
8. Dirty 30s Quarter Finals (16)
9. Open Skateboard Quarter Finals (16)
10. Luge Semi-Finals (8)
11. Dirty 30s Semi-Finals (8)
11a. Masters Semi Finals
11b. Junior Semi Finals
12. Open Skateboard Semi-Finals (8)
13. Luge Consi Final
14. Luge Final
15. Dirty 30s Consi Final
16. Dirty 30s Final
17. Masters Final
18. Juniors Final
19. Women's Final
20. Open Skateboard Consi Final
21. Open Skateboard Final

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