Arirang Hill 2018 Finals Bracket
A slimmed down 16-person finals bracket left no easy heats, and the wet track left no room for error.

In a wet day's racing, Thiago Lessa won Arirang Hill 2018 from Emily Pross and Harry Clarke. Emily Pross won Womens, Douglas Dalua won Masters, and Will Stephenson won Luge.

Full results are here.

Mitch Thompson and Tiago Mohr at Arirang Hill 2018
Open Repechage Final: Mitch Thompson leads Tiago Mohr
Arirang Hill 2018 Quarter Finals
Quarter Finals: The moment Jackson Shapiera loses his grip. Josh Evans and Pepe Laporte go through to the semi-finals
Daina crashes at Arirang 2018
Open Semi-Final A: Number one qualifier, Daina Banks, crashes in the top half of the course. Josh Evans is out in front here, but he also crashed, allowing Pepe Laporte and Harry Clarke to go through to the final.
Semi-Final B at Arirang Hill 2018
Open Semi-Final B: Emily Pross leads Tristan Cardillo, Thiago Lessa and Adam Westfall.
Tristan Cardillo crashes at Arirang Hill 2018
Open Semi-Final B: Moments later, Tristan Cardillo crashes and is pushed back to fourth.
Arirang Hill 2018 Final Start
Open Final: Harry Clarke, Pepe Laporte, Thiago Lessa and Emily Pross push out.
Harry Clarke at Arirang Hill 2018
Open Final: The screenshot that launched a thousand memes, Harry Clarke crashed in the top section, stumbled again trying to get back on his board, and finally kicked his board away in frustration.
Pepe Laporte finishes at Arirang Hill 2018
Open Final: Pepe Laporte crashed in the top section, then again on the final corner, and then, like Harry, stumbled trying to get back on his board, which shot out and ran down the track, crossing the finish line before running into a metal barrier. Pepe ran after it and stopped at the finish line while Darius Escandar ran to pick up Pepe's board and hand it to him. Unfortunately for Pepe, this breached the rule on "outside assistance" when restarting from a crash.

Carl Sambrano caught up with finalists Harry Clarke and Pepe Laporte to get their thoughts on how things went down.

Pepe Laporte Interview

1. How do you feel about how the finals went down?

I feel that the finals is a moment that everybody is more emotional than thinking of strategy. It was awesome to make it with Thiago the world champion. Emily who is killing it. I was so confident but I made a little mistake that took my chance to win. Im a guy who tries to take the good from the bad and always look foward.

2. You took a hard crash during the practice run before the quarter finals with Thiago Mohr. Are you okay?

Yeah, I am okay. After the crash I looked up to the sky to thank that I was still standing. I came out from it even stronger me, it woke me up and made me more focus and confident for the race

3. So you made it to the finals of both world cups. What are your plans for the rest of the season?

My plan is to keep my board under my feet and working hard as I am. Keep doing my thing. I love skateboarding so much, that is my life. I am all in on it and I cant wait for the next chapters. There is still a long road ahead.

Harry Clarke Interview

1. How you going to celebrate your first World cup podium?

Getting drunk with the boys cause thats who I did it for.

2. You were here last year but you weren’t able to race because you accompanied Robert Burns to the hospital. What surprised you about the event this year.

Last year was dry this year was wet. Bottom chicane was terrifying. Bails were hard and people were bouncing out, that was spooky

3. Chop?

Always! Its a lifestyle - Chopstar

Luge Final at Arirang Hill 2018
Luge: Will Stephenson leads from Kolby Parks and Darius Escandar in practice after badly spraining his ankle on the first day. Will went on to win the Luge final, with Kolby Parks in second, and Ryan Farmer in third.
Ryan Farmer and Jennifer Butler at Arirang Hill 2018
Luge love; Ryan Farmer and Jennifer Butler
Arirang Hill 2018 Podium
Winners on stage at the Arirang after-party
Arirang Hill 2018 After-Party
Then the after-party went metal.
Arirang Hill 2018 After-Party
And then something else.

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