Day Two qualifications began with yesterday's fastest qualifier, Chase Hiller, breaking his ankle on his first run. We wish you a fast recovery Chase!

Chase Hiller sprained his ankle on the first quali today at Arirang Hill, and though conditions today are faster, nobody...

Geplaatst door IDF - International Downhill Federation op Vrijdag 4 mei 2018

With Chase out of the picture, fellow Coloradan Daina Banks pipped him by one-hundredth of a second to take the top qualifying spot in Open Skateboard. Abdil Mahdzan was the fastest luger, and Emily Pross the fastest woman as well as the third fastest in Opens, continuing her spectacular run of beating the elite male riders.

Daina Banks sets the best time of the game today. Ph: Sebi Dangerseeker
Abdi Mahdzan top qualifier in Luge class. Ph: Sebi Dangerseeker

For the master class is the brazilian Douglas "Dalua" Silva again on the top of the list as expected.

Dougla "Dalua" Silva leading the pack in a practice run. Ph: Sebi Dangerseeker

After the lunch break the official opening ceremony began with a speech from the leaders of Jeongseong province and a representative of the Korean Olympic Committee.

The open ceremony today. Ph: Sebi Dangerseeker

Our fellow Carl Sambrano had a quick interview with Daina after the qualifications:

C: What did you do different from last year that made you take the top qualifying spot this year?
D: I've learned a lot about riding and racing in the last year. My racing setup and approach are both completely different.

C: Name your 3 biggest threats
D: Hay bales, the Brazilians, and Emily.

C: What are your plans for the 2018 World tour?
D: I want to focus on north America events this year. I'm skipping Europe and hoping to make it to Peru and the new race in Brazil.

C: Who is the most Colorado of the Colorado skaters?
D: Zak Maytum or Kyle Wester

C: Rain is on the forecast tomorrow but it only rains in Colorado once a year. Do you know how to ride in the rain?
D: I don't get many opportunities to practice but I can definitely hold it down in the rain.

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