Mauritz Armfelt of Sweden qualified fastest at Newton's 2017, setting a new track record of 58.37, and then further stamping his dominance on the field with a win in the Top 10 Shootout. He was closely followed by Queenslander Brennan Bast only sixth-hundredth of a second behind, and then followed by Canadian Alex Charleson and fellow-Queenslander Connor Ferguson.

Mauritz Armfelt at Newtons
Mauritz Armfelt at Newtons

In Women's Emily Pross (USA) was 4.5 seconds ahead of second-placed Paloma Dorado of Spain, while in a deep Luge field, Abdil Mahdzan (MYS) qualified fastest after a day-long battle with Ryan Farmer (USA).

The Newton's track has lived up to it's reputation, with high-speeds and plenty of big crashes as riders try to find the perfect line through two of the most epic corners on the planet - The Dipper and The Elbow.

Tomorrow is all head-to-head racing. Follow all the action via the links below.

Race Brackets

Qualifying Times

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