Newton’s 2017

Newton's 2017

Event info

Dates17/02 - 19/02/17
City/CountryBathurst, Australia
TypeWorld Cup
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Registration info

Registration feeAUD 275.00
Rider limit200

Track info

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Newtons IDF World Cup 2017 is the first IDF race and World Cup of the year and it will happen this 17th-19th of February at the iconic Mount Panorama race track in Bathurst Australia.


  • Open Skateboarding
  • Womens Skateboarding
  • Junior Skateboarding
  • Masters Skateboarding
  • Luge


  • So far up to $5000 for prizes


ASRA will be providing a rider bag. There will be free water and refills all weekend.


Note: this is subject to change.


  • 3:00pm-6:00pm – Rider Check-in at Goldfields. Please bring your board/luge, and all safety gear. If riders miss this check-in they will not be able to check-in until Friday morning after the event has started, and will miss out on some of Friday’s riding.


  • 8:00am-12:00pm – Practice and Freeride
  • 12:00pm-12:30pm – Lunch
  • 12:30pm-5:00pm – Practice and Freeride


  • 9:00am-12:00pm – Timed qualifying
  • 12:00pm-12:30pm – Lunch
  • 12:30pm-2:30pm – Timed qualifying
  • 2:30pm-3:00pm – Top 10 Shootout Stand Up. First place wins $500. The times in the shootout do NOT reorder the seedings for the main race.
  • 3:00pm-5:00pm – Team’s Race. Riders self-organise into 16 teams of three people each. Each heat pits two teams against each other (6 people on the track), and the team containing the 6th-placed rider loses and is eliminated. The prize for the winning team is a keg. There are some special rules: (1) helping your team-mates via bump-drafting etc is ALLOWED, but hindering your opponents is NOT ALLOWED, (2) only one set of wheels per rider can be used throughout the entire race.


  • 9:00am-12:00pm – Repechage: the slowest riders from Saturday’s qualifying battle for the final spots in the afternoon’s finals
  • 12:00pm-12:30pm – Lunch
  • 12:30pm-5:00pm – Finals racing: Luge, Masters Skateboard, Junior Skateboard, Women’s Skateboard, and Open Skateboard


There are a few options:

  • Bathurst Goldfields Package: Cabin style bunk beds (4,6 or 8 share) from Thursday -Sunday.
    Includes: Breakfast from Friday-Sunday and Dinner from Friday and Saturday.
    Price: $200.00 for the package. (Additional night $40.00)
    Booking: Bathurst Goldfields +612 6332 2022,
  • Rydges Mount Panorama: The hotel that has been popular with competitors and spectators in the past has been Rydges Mount Panorama. It is located at the bottom of Conrod Straight. In the past it has been an assembly point and also a pick up point for rider and volunteers.

* We are not encouraging riders to camp on Mt Panorama due to Bathurst Council concerns.

Bathurst is easy to get to from Sydney:

Updates about other options of transport will be provided soon.


Do not miss this:

Newton’s 2017 is brought to you by ASRA

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Rider list

#NameNat.Nat.Category 1Category 2
1.Mack GeddesAUOpen skateboard 
2.Nic McKirdyAULuge 
3.Abdil MahdzanMYLuge 
4.Daz Von WulfAULuge 
5.Max MandlAUOpen skateboard 
6.Zane BonserAUOpen skateboardJuniors
7.Nicolas RaynerAUOpen skateboard 
8.Jack BrownAUOpen skateboardJuniors
9.Stephen DavisNZOpen skateboard 
10.Api IhaiaNZOpen skateboard 
11.Josh EvansAUOpen skateboard 
12.Brennan BastAUOpen skateboard 
13.Connor NonasAUOpen skateboardJuniors
14.Finlay WilsonAUOpen skateboardJuniors
15.Nick SterzenbachAUOpen skateboard 
16.Cameron HancockAUOpen skateboard 
17.Daniel GuzzardiAUOpen skateboard 
18.Jackson LoneyAUOpen skateboard 
19.Scott BainAUOpen skateboardJuniors
20.Mitch ThompsonAUOpen skateboard 
21.Emily ProssUSOpen skateboardWomen
22.Neil DuddyAUOpen skateboardMasters
23.Aldo DezaniAUOpen skateboard 
24.Shane MacDougallCALuge 
25.Nick GreentreeAUOpen skateboard 
26.Lance EvansNZLuge 
27.Garry BrowningAULuge 
28.Finn CantrillAUOpen skateboardJuniors
29.Jack BainAUOpen skateboard 
30.Jayden HodgeAULuge 
31.Matt BelperioAUOpen skateboard 
32.Jaydon HowarthAUOpen skateboard 
33.Jayden MitchellAUOpen skateboard 
34.Lachie ReAUOpen skateboard 
35.Zak Mills-GoodwinAUOpen skateboard 
36.Alex CharlesonCAOpen skateboard 
37.Zac ItalianoAUOpen skateboard 
38.Riley YoungAUOpen skateboardJuniors
39.Bryn YoungAUOpen skateboard 
40.Devon ScarboroughNZOpen skateboard 
41.Zach HewettAUOpen skateboard 
42.Yu-Ching ChangTWOpen skateboard 
43.Dale SmithAUOpen skateboard 
44.Christopher HardyAUOpen skateboard 
45.Tyson SchmidAUOpen skateboard 
46.Matthew CassarAUOpen skateboard 
47.Dakota CampUSOpen skateboard 
48.Jason WrightAUOpen skateboardMasters
49.Callum MathiesonNZOpen skateboard 
50.Matthew RaeAUOpen skateboard 
51.Tim WhiteAUOpen skateboard 
52.Bill SalmonAULuge 
53.Benjamin HayAUOpen skateboardMasters
54.Julian SlaneyAULuge 
55.Daniel NewtonAULuge 
56.Daniel KingAUOpen skateboardLuge
57.Jacob FriendAUOpen skateboard 
58.Luke FiskAUOpen skateboard 
59.Angus GarrihyAULuge 
60.Shaun CondonAULuge 
61.Graham BrittainAULuge 
62.Sunghoon ChoiCAOpen skateboard 
63.Kyle WesterUSOpen skateboard 
64.Daniel EngelUSOpen skateboard 
65.Ryan FarmerUSLuge 
66.Paloma Acha DoradoESOpen skateboardWomen
67.Jordan RiachiAUOpen skateboard 
68.Simon DuberAUOpen skateboard 
69.Simon GodfreyAULuge 
70.Ryan NichollsAUOpen skateboardMasters
71.Mauritz ArmfeltSEOpen skateboard 
72.Santiago EspecheAROpen skateboard 
73.Gemma HollandAUOpen skateboardWomen
74.Erin PaulUSOpen skateboardMasters
75.Bill EdwardsAUOpen skateboardMasters
76.Raine KentAUOpen skateboard 
77.Will deYoungUSMasters 
78.Jaime de LangePHOpen skateboard 
79.Elissa MahNZOpen skateboardWomen
80.Eden McdonoghAUOpen skateboard 
81.Bryce LehmannAULuge 
82.Liam CopplemanAUOpen skateboard 
83.Matteo RodinisITOpen skateboard 
84.Jackson ShapieraAUOpen skateboard 
85.Lawrence HeppleZWLuge 
86.Alastair SandersAUOpen skateboard 
87.Max HeatonAUOpen skateboard 
88.Austin JonesAUOpen skateboard 
89.Elliot MellingNZOpen skateboard 
90.Paul GwillimAUOpen skateboardMasters
91.Patrick WalkerAUOpen skateboard 
92.E ChanHKOpen skateboard 
93.Long Yin ChungHKOpen skateboard 
94.Brendan BurkeAULuge 
95.Vince VazquezPHOpen skateboard 
96.Chris MarkwortAULuge 
97.Robert McWhinnieAUOpen skateboard 
98.Connor FergusonAUOpen skateboard 
99.Jack MeynAUOpen skateboard 
100.James RobertsonNZOpen skateboard 
101.Michael CopplemanAULuge 
102.Miles JonesAUOpen skateboard 
103.Mark HeppleAUOpen skateboard 
104.Jordan HallAUOpen skateboard 
105.Joshua HardwickCAOpen skateboard 
106.Brodie OwensAUOpen skateboard 
107.Jeremy RodgersAUOpen skateboardMasters
108.Scott HammondAUOpen skateboard 
109.William GibsonAUOpen skateboard 
110.Tyron KnightAUOpen skateboard 
111.Luca ColemanAUOpen skateboard 

Riders p/nationality

  • AU - 81
  • NZ - 8
  • US - 7
  • CA - 4
  • PH - 2
  • HK - 2
  • ZW - 1
  • SE - 1
  • TW - 1
  • MY - 1
  • ES - 1
  • IT - 1
  • AR - 1

Riders p/category

  • Open skateboard - 90
  • Luge - 21
  • Masters - 9
  • Juniors - 7
  • Women - 4

There are riders from 13 different nationalities attending this event.

Race brackets