The Kozakov registration was supposed to open today, but due to some technical hick ups on our side, we couldn't get it done in time. We're sorry for that, but not to worry, it will open very soon; we have agreed with Kozakov to open the registration in 48 hours.

It will open on Wednesday May 3 @ 22:00 CEST.

This year the registration will have an extra option on the form, for those riders who are not planning to attend King's Gate, but do want to do some freeriding.

Riders who register for Kozakov and the Hradiste freeride get a CZK 400,- ( ~ € 15,- ) discount on the registration price.

The track is 4,9 km long and has some nice turns. Just check out the Findhills link or the image below.

Check for more info on the race on

Hradiste track
Hradiste track

We weren't able to change the form (we had made in advance) to also accommodate Hradiste. And we need to test it properly so hence why we're not taking risks and rather postpone than to throw it online, untested. Our apologies, we hope you understand.

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Berry, or Beee as he's known by friends, is a downhill fan from the flattest country in the world. He supports the IDF during races and online, like building/maintaining the (new) IDF website. Next to that he runs, and
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