Melissa Brogni, fastest women's qualifier at Verdicchio 2017
Melissa Brogni, fastest women's qualifier at Verdicchio 2017

Things got serious today at Verdicchio Race on Day 2. The wine and salami were left behind and all attention went to raw numbers - who is fastest on this track? The answer: Brazilians! After two runs Carlos Paixão switched from regular pushing to mongo to then post the fastest time of the day; 2:19.91, almost two seconds faster than fellow Brazilian Thiago Lessa. In Womens it was similar, with Brazilian, Melissa Brogni's 2:27.92 a massive 3.8 seconds faster than second-placed Lisa Peters of the Netherlands.

The Euros fought back in the Juniors. Tristan Cardillo of Switzerland was much faster than second-placed Daniel Minsky, and he also posted the 5th fastest time in Opens. Tristan is blowing everybody away on this year's Euro Tour with his easy-going style mixed with the speed to make him threaten all the top-runners in Opens.

Tristan Cardillo dominates the Juniors, and threatens in the Opens
Tristan Cardillo dominates the Juniors, and threatens in the Opens

Nico Desmarais was the fastest in Masters, and in Luge the Italian stalwart Daniele Aldinucci held onto the top spot until the final run when Ryan Farmer of the US and Kolby Parks of Canada blew past him. Daniele's consistent fast times and local knowledge might keep him in the mix for Saturday's finals.

The top 57 skateboard riders have qualified for the finals on Saturday, and can now take a day off. The final seven places in the finals will be fought out tomorrow morning in the Repechage. Pity the rider who comes fourth in that consolation final.

Tomorrow afternoon the Italian Championship will take place - Italian riders only! It will be a chance for the international riders to relax on the sidelines and soak up the Italian countryside; more wine and salami.

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Fede Barboni, the Verdicchio impresario
Fede Barboni, the Verdicchio impresario

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